Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Hot Mess

It has been really hot.
So there have been a lot of indoor activities. Dana found a favorite new toy..a 'skin' with a plastic bottle in it. Loves this toy..
The bottles tend to get the short end of the stick..We have had a lot of boarders per usual summer situation. Truman and Henry pose.We also watching Ginger, the 7 month old lab puppy, for 4 days. The dogs were really happy to see her go home. Dante is trying to figure out how to Google "animal welfare institute's complaint line"We have also had some crazy storms..woke up one more after a particularly loud and violent one to this..our grill is a 5 burner stainless steel monster..that had been neatly tucked up near the deck.
Oh..look..butterfly.We went to visit my parents for a weekend. Dante enjoyed some Daddy time on the 4-wheeler.
But the heat really has hampered all activities. 99% of the time..we assume this position.

Stay tuned..we are Grapehound Bound in 3 days.


houndstooth said...

Ours love those bottle skins, too! We need stock in that company!

They all just look so darned happy! Heaven help us if Blueberry and Bunny ever discover a Gator and make us drive them around on it!

Michelle said...

Hope your grill survived. You guys need a pool. ;-) Have fun at Grapehounds! Drink a glass or two or three for us.

greytblackdog said...

My girls second the bottle skins. I make simple ones myself without all the fur since they tend to cut through the fabric.

Dante looks like a real country dog on that four-wheeler. What does Dana have to say about that?

Oh - and are you sure the storm did that to your grill. I have a sneaking suspicion that hubby may have flipped that over to get one of those green egg thingies.

IHateToast said...


Could you save it?

I think Dante is in a chat room.