Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer as usual

Summer is pretty typical around here. The greyhound turnstile gets installed and we play a lot. But it gives me a lot of opportunities to improve my photography 'skillz'. We watched Pete and Yuki for a long weekend. Yuki is 3 and very cute..but very puppy like still.

Then we watched Lulu, Smokey and Truman for a bit. Truman reminds me of the RCA dog except bigger..

Smokey wouldn't put his ears up..he has the cutest ears.
but we all enjoyed a break from the 100 degree heat for the July fourth weekend. Shiloh rolled in the ever growing grass (the downside of an irrigation system is that your grass keeps growing in a drought)
Henry and Truman go for a romp
Cali is still in love with the pink poodle, however for a few days she was obsessed with Mr. Bill and really gave him no respect. Mr. Bill used to say "OH NOOO!!" whenever you squeezed him. But Dana took care of that in a matter of minutes..I wish I had it on tape.."OH NOOO!" "OH NOOO" "Ohnnnnnnn" "oohhhh" crunch.
Henry shows his best ETS
For the holiday weekend, we took a trip to New Kent Winery which isn't too far away. It was a great day to go topless and enjoy some chardonnay. The vineyards breeze past us under a beautiful blue sky!
It was really a great trip.
Once there, we enjoyed a picnic of yummy cheeses and meats with the patriotic backdrop.
It is supposed to be in the 100s again this week. So much for the lovely outdoor weather. Happy Fourth of July and enjoy the summer!!!!


houndstooth said...

What beautiful shots -- especially of the dogs! I never get tired of pictures of them!

Life With Dogs said...

The Mr. Bill toy is too damn funny. What a great idea.

A week of this weather is going to be a killer. Stay cool if you can!

gyeong said...

It's summer vacation time. Open the turnstiles!

IHateToast said...

Tongue orchid!

Loved Mr Bill. Does that take me back. I used to be really upset at his treatment. That was my literal phase.