Monday, September 29, 2008

Black and white and PINK all over!!

No, this isn't a sick joke from your elementary school years. Let's break it down.
I am pink all over..tickled pink actually. Why? Because the tart..Miss Cali..has officially passed the therapy dog exam and we are a certified therapy dog team through Delta Society! We passed our exam this weekend. I couldn't be more proud! I can relate to the parents of children graduating from Harvard at this lie! I could read..I understood what was expected of me..for was easy! But Cali..she had a serious test to take. And she passed with flying colors getting above average on every single test which means she is qualified for "complex" situations..apparently a very rare occurence for first timers!
So our badge photo
The crepe myrtles are in bloom..they resemble my 'tickled pinkedness'
Black and white..well right now we are surrounded by a lot of black and white in fur colors. We are watching 3 hounds for a family for 3 weeks (I know...we are crazy) Terran, Linka and Ezri and for the weekend we had Ana and Blue.
See the black and white overload?
But you say..there is an empty bowl in the center and only 8 dogs!! Who is missing. Well..Linka tends to want to alternative locations. She is 10 so we oblige.
Terran (right) and Ezri (left) get their turn on the couch.
Terran..he is HUGE and very sweet and gooberish
Ezri..who is young and CRAZY!
Blue loves his Aunt is very obvious and I dig it. (shiloh..not so much)
Cow Dog Butt INVASION!
And oddly..we had a Wildlife Kingdom moment the other day. I know..I live in suburban hell with no trees how could I possible have wildlife?
The local hawk landed on my fence to enjoy his fresh meal of 'bird' (the squeamish need to look away)
that isn't a worm..the aftermath..Besides passing the therapy dog test, I also helped with a dog haul and we had our annual membership picnic (more photos can be seen on the gpa blog)
Cali was thoroughly exhausted after SAturday's test and was not up for any more fun Even Uncle Gil couldn't rouse her from her slumberDana remains confused but beautiful as ever


IHateToast said...

cali is not pleased that you're on that badge instead of her BF.

congratulations! did you skip?

Jabberwocky said...

Wow, congratulations Cali! That's really cool!

So are the hawk shots -- it's incredible to see something like that when you least expect it.

gyeong said...

Congrats Cali! Do you get a title like Cali, T.D. At least your house is colorful. My house this week is 3 blacks and 3 brindles, and Parker. Dante knew that hawk didn't have a chance of flying away with him :)

thebellagreyhound said...

I see nothing wrong at all with that many greys in the house and letting a 10 year old eat on the couch. Sounds just like another day at my house lol!

thebellagreyhound said...

We have a bridle delta dog in GAP too! Her name is Bella!

Bethanie & Chris said...

Congrats Cali! Maybe you can come work with some of the kids at UMFS! They love doggie visitors!