Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More updates

After all the natural disasters, we needed a little fun.  Jason's sister got married in Cherry Grove Beach a few weekends ago.  We weren't there long (I am heading back there today actually!) but we were able to play with our niece and nephew in the ocean for a bit.
Jason's dad shows Madison how to body surf
 And William tries as well
but after all the fun games, we had to get dressed up and attend the nuptials.  Madison and William as the flower girl and ring bearer
We clean up ok sometimes too...
 The Stumpf boys- three generations

 and finally the happy couple

 After that event, we had a few greyhound fun events.  We had a bunch of dogs arrive from florida and then our fall picnic.
Cali pretty much rests where ever she sees fit..Rusty obliges as usual.
Matrix meets her new family
 Now this seems like an odd photo..but Pawnee (the white/brindle) was busy sniffing the ground and didn't notice she had meandered under her 'sister' Amirah.  She lifted her head and they stood like this.until the owners had to literally walk them in separate ways.  Greyhounds really do tolerate alot!
And update on the old man.  Henry's biopsy came back malignant for hemangiosarcoma.  it is a good thing we did the surgery as it would have spread rapidly for sure if we hadn't removed it.  Has it already spread? We don't know. And for full disclosure..we aren't going to find out.  We could do an ultrasound/Xray to determine if it has metastasized but we would be able to do very little.  And if the ultrasound comes back doesn't mean it will be negative the next month. So for now, we love him, treat him the best we can and hope he is here for a lot longer.  he did get to go to the picnic with me and the wonderful Elaine and Jim gladly sat with him so he could enjoy the picnic while resting comfortably
Kristen and I are leaving today with Cali, Dana, Stanley and Jaime for Beach Bound Hounds.  You know a lot of photos will be coming!!!!


Hiking Hounds said...

Sorry to hear that Henry's tumor was cancerous. I hope they got it before it spread. He looks like he's happy and enjoying life. :-)

houndstooth said...

I hope you did get it before it spread! You got some great Greyhound shots there.

The wedding party was beautiful! I love Maddison's pose with the foot cocked back. lol

Oh, I'm sure to have BBH envy again! I can't wait to see all your pictures! Travel safe and have fun!

greytblackdog said...

That two-headed greyhound picture is too funny. I didn't know there were circus dogs in your group?

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Good luck to Henry. I hope he enjoys many more happy years with you.

I love the double dog photo:)

What a wonderful place for a wedding. Looks like you had lots of fun on the day too:)

Looking forward to your photos of the BBH. It sounds like a great gathering!

gyeong said...

Henry, you've been through a lot to get to your forever home. Hope you get to enjoy a few more years there.

Angela said...

I'm way behind on blogs and trying to get caught up. I'm sorry to hear about Henry and I hope he is feeling better now. I look forward to seeing your pics from BBH too - I hope I can make it there sometime too! P.S. - which lens did you get?

Michelle said...

Sorry about Henry! :( Hoping he has many more years with you guys.