Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friends and Family

We spend a lot of time with the Parks, so when they adopted Beth less than a year ago..we had a new family member.  And it made Henry seem like a spring chicken.  But we were deeply saddened with her progressive decline and wept for the Park's last week when they had to let her go.  Beth reminded us that greyhounds can live to a ripe old age.  We will miss you Beth and we are so glad we were able to meet you and spend time with you.  I snagged this photo from Gyeong as it was one of my favorites.  My mom gives Beth some love while my old man lays nearby.
This time of year is for family and friends..remembering how luck.
We spent Thanksgiving at Jason's parents' house where he made a great dinner
 Which of course, the fur kids had a taste of..just a little but they enjoyed it immensely.
I also had the pleasure of visiting a local farm to 'test drive' a horse for my sister.  Most of you might not know I was a 'horse person' until I became a 'greyhound person'. Riding and judging at all levels.  My mom and sister still have horses.  I haven't ridden in years.  I didn't actually ride during this visit either..just performed photography and size comparisons..since this is a smaller horse (technically a pony)..she needed to get perspective.
To be honest..I was easily distracted by the goats.

But she might visit (she lives 3 hours from me and the horse is about 30 minutes from me) to ride him herself.  then maybe I will be able to take more photos of the goats!
After visiting the farm, I took Dana and Cali to a dog event at a local Home depot..we had tons of greyhounds show up!

And since i started this post with sadness...i wanted to end it with happiness.  And what says happy more than a puppy..especially a fuzzy puppy that looks like a fox!  Our friend, Rob, has a 6 month old Shiba Inu.
She started the afternoon trying to play with the greyhounds.. Cali had absolutely nothing to do with her..
 But Dana and Henry obliged for a small time (ok..Dana hunted her..Henry played with her)
 She definitely learned to play by herself while the greyhounds snoozed
She is really pretty
Once night fell, I had time to get some photos of everyone.  I have always loves Dana's white eyelashes..
 A rare moment with the pink poodle
and this gave me time to get some photos of Sakura while she tried to 'will' the greyhounds to play with her. Dante had already told her under NO circumstances did he want to play...


gyeong said...

Thanks for remembering Bèbè in your post. Still can't see a picture of her without shedding tears. I love the white eyelashes. So expressive. We have little Jorja for the next two weeks, so will be a lot her running around trying to get my kids to play with her.

houndstooth said...

I was so sad to hear about Beth! I wasn't expecting it at all, and we just brought Lilac's ashes home.

I love the white eyelashes, too! Beautiful!

That puppy is so pretty! I always love how their fur looks like velvet. You got some great shots of her!

Michelle said...

Maggie's eyelashes are just like Dana's so pretty. :)

IHateToast said...

Ah, Beth. I was so lucky to get to meet her. I also remember that she was perky. It was early days with her, but at least she knew that a social gathering was the time to show off.

It really goes to show you that it's always too soon to say good-bye, and we don't need to have a dog for years to grow attached. I'm happy that she had her last years living with the Parks and visiting her friends at the Schtoompfs.