Sunday, December 18, 2011

Preparing for holiday cheer

 James River Greyhounds volunteers met at the Orvis store to wrap presents for donations on Saturday.  I am not known to enjoy malls and have managed to do all of my holiday shopping without entering a store.  But the Saturday before Christmas, Cali, Dana and I braved the traffic, crowds and bustle..for some donations.  It was worth it!!!
We arrived to give Doc and Dinah a break.  Doc was doing a great job at schmoozing the crowd.
But then my girls took over..they have their ways.  Dana became a little 'eeyore-ish' a few times, but she gave a few kisses when needed.  Some blamed her sullen ways on the hat..but we all know better
 The roo pants..
 Cali is a pro at schmoozing..all ages.
 Cali took a break on Dana's back for a bit..
 Dana needed a break for a bit..the old lady takes power naps.
 One of the employees gave Cali a treat..she is a smart one and watched where the cookies came from..a jar near the register.  It took a while before this stopped..and I won't deny that it got her a few more cookies.
After a while, Cali started looking for a lap.  She slinked under the wrapping table to see if Suzanne would fall for her tricks.  Suzanne was busy wrapping so was unable to comply..but Cali tried!
Hunter also stopped by with Linka.  We watched Linka a few years ago.  But Linka is going in for surgery on Monday to remove her front left leg due to osteo.  It was good to give her some snuggles on Saturday.  Good luck, Linka.
 Jason and i decided to have our holiday meal this weekend..we will be heading to the 'country' on Thursday for the holidays.  So we made butternut squash raviolis! From scratch..they were yummy.

 And a parting shot of the true house matriarch snoozing. 
 Have a great holiday! 


gyeong said...

Oh, Dana! Good luck, Linka.

IHateToast said...

Dana Dana ... I bet she sighed the sigh of the put-upon.

Good luck to Linka. Walking uphill will require breaks, but eventually life becomes normal.

Hiking Hounds said...

Good luck to linka. The ravioli looks yummy.

Amanda said...

Linka is a beauty! Hope everything goes well for the sweet girl!!

I miss that Eeyore look! <3

greytblackdog said...

Sweet, Dana. She doesn't like public humiliation. :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I hope everything went well for Linka. She looks so sweet and greatly loved by her Dad:)

The hats are gorgeous, even if Dana doesn't think so;)