Monday, January 2, 2012

It is a new year

Happy New Year!!  We spent the New year's day weekend with greyhounds galore. 
Henry and Cali did a little galloping prior to the Park's arrival.

As you can tell, Cali is still running fine.  Her results came back not osteo!  So she has Tendinopathy which is basically a calcification of the tendons in her shoulder, which is painful but not deadly.  She will just be on pain meds for life, but she seems to flourish on them!!!
She decided to show how great she felt before dinner one night...while I wasn't watching she was being naughty.
The Parks arrived and we played in the yard a bit.
We went to dinner, came back and hung with the fur kids, played Rock Band, drank a lot of wine and Scotch and brought in the new year with good friends. some of us brought in the new year..some were sleeping.
On New Year's Day, Gyeong and Kristen spend time with his family.  So the Park fur kids get to spend some time with their cousins while Aunt Trina spends time on the couch. ;-)
But it was a beautiful day (60F in January??)so we spent some time outside.
Miss Roo Roo Pants enjoys the sunshine
 Dana smells Jaime..Jaime seems perplexed pretty!!
 And Parker joins the crew
 And we can't forget about Stella...
Then we assume the position on the couch. 
 Parker likes to roll around and look cute
 Or viscous..or not..
 And Stan...being Stan..
And update on all the health issues.  Cali is doing great as I updated above.  
Henry had his hemangiosarcoma removed a few months ago.  Another one has popped up..due to his malignant hyperthermia we cannot surgically remove it.  But it won't stop bleeding.  i currently have a call in to the vet to see if we can remove it with a local..I will update when I know more.  The cutaneous ones are 'better' than the internal I guess there is a silver lining.  And belly bands have become a great pressure bandage..who knew!
Henry showing some love to his favorite bush..
Shiloh..who is 14 and 1/ definitely having some problems.  She is losing hair, not eating, vomiting and anemic.  She will be going back to the vet this week..last week her kidneys looked OK and she didn't have any 'skin mites' that would cause the hair loss.  I am hopeful that it is something 'fixable' or fleeting.  
But for now..I try to get her to eat anything and give her lots of love.  
2012 will most likely have its ups and downs....


gyeong said...

My kids are still recovering from napping at your place :) Hoping your geriatric kids stay healthy in 2012.

Michelle said...

Hoping for a good 2012 for you and your crew. Happy New Year!

IHateToast said...

This post was bitter sweet. I am happy about Cali--and relieved that I didn't miss some update elsewhere--but hearing about your other oldies and their ailments saddened me. It's hard on the heart when the old start to show their age.

Maybe Jason could make extra helpings of his creations. Man, he is gifted.

Angela said...

Henry can still move out for an old guy! :) Hoping your pack gets well and stays healthy in 2012!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yikes! You have quite a few hound health issues. I'm glad you got good news on Cali. I hope the other hounds get some good news too. Wishing everyone a healthy 2012!

greytblackdog said...

Hooray for Cali's news! She looks like she really likes pain meds. Who doesn't?

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I love all your photos but especially the one of Parker upside down with his mouth open:) So cute.

It's very hard when you have oldies. Whatever happens, I know the years spent with you will have been wonderful for them.