Sunday, January 29, 2012


 Winter seems to have come and gone..I feel sure it will be back.  But we are back in the 60s. NOT is just odd.
But a quick health update..Shiloh's biopsy came back suggesting Sebaceous adenitis which is a fancy term for a genetic autoimmune disorder that causes the sebaceous glands to reject the hair..the good news is that the ONLY symptom/problem with this is hair loss.  so it may look funny but it doesn't mean other things are wrong or there is something bigger going on.  The treatment is oral fatty acids, vitamin A and daily baby oil massages..not kidding.  So now i have a greasy dog.
 at least she smells good!
And we are watching Beau and Belle for a bit.  and I was a bad mommy and let them out for a potty and didn't consider they may start playing.  Beau and Cali had a run in and again Cali got the bum end of the deal. It wasn't a big deal and luckily I have all the stuff to take care of minor some time to shave, a few staples and some antibiotics..and we are good as new.
So she has to wear a coat until the staples come out b/c she will lick them out.  So she gives us the sad face..
 But crisis over and Beau muzzled, everyone played together well.  Even though the weather is great, it gets dark early so the lighting is challenging.  But I tried using my Nifty Fifty lens..which gave weird results b/c I am still learning the ropes on these are great quality but interesting..
 To the victor goes the spoils
 One morning, we were all milling around in the yard and heard some red tail Hawks 'screaming' in the woods.  I grabbed my telephoto and waited.  Two came out and gave us a show! 
 Then I caught Cali and Henry smooching...
 I tried to capture the moon and Venus the other tripod
 My sister came up to look at Phillip..the horse that she is thinking about buying.  I did get to take more photos of the goats!
 But my sister seemed to like we shall see if he ends up in her barn.


gyeong said...

I will have to smell Shiloh next time. Poor Cali. I know she wants to lick that crazy. Haven't tried action shots on the nifty fifty. Will have to give it a go.

Angela said...

If you figure out how to get good action shots with the nifty fifty, please share! I took a bunch of Puddin over the weekend and they pretty much look just like yours...I just can't seem to get good focus with that lens when she's running like crazy! Anyway, I've never heard of Shiloh's diagnosis, but I'm glad it's not more serious! Daily baby oil baths don't sound like too much fun though ;)

houndstooth said...

It's not been very winterlike here, either! I'm not complaining!

You really got some neat shots with the new lens!

Poor Cali! That looks rather uncomfortable!

Nibs said...

I've given you a pawsome blogger award- I LOVE the photo's of mad running zoomies!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Poor Cali. But she's still pretty even with staples and shaved:) I don't even know what a nifty fifty is! But I love your photos. The moon and venus one is great and the hawks look awesome against that beautiful blue sky.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yes, we are having crazy warm temps too!

Ouch about the staples! Once my husband and I got married and had 6 greyhounds come together, we started muzzling them all when turned out... and knock on wood... no injuries... at least in the backyard. :-P