Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A lot of things have been going on so I am a little late with the newest addition to our, it isn't another greyhound!
Long ago..we were members of another cult.  I detailed it back in 2007..feels like a lifetime ago!  But I was woo'd by shiny objects and fancy upgrades a few years ago and Jason was woo'd by ..well a better option..last year.
We are both 'car people'..and I've always traded around.  But this time I came back to my 'roots'.  Welcome..the new Outback
 For those that are interested..she's a 2013 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited with Eyesight/Nav.  So far so good. And yes..the dogs have been in it and fit very nicely! They have more room and it is easier for the old ones.
 Petey even came to visit and got to ride in it.  He approved...and then he went back to the sunshine.
We had our spring picnic last weekend.  The weather was great! Shane got to have his first ice cream. And to say he loved it..was an understatement. At one point, he dove his head in to the container.

 My friend Nancy was holding the bowl while Rocket gave her the "Can I have some?" Look.  Shane ended up  having 4 bowls..we figured why not?
I "stole with permission" this photo from Gyeong's blog (where you can also get more photos from Katy's visit).  Shiloh doesn't like when I give other dogs attention.  Even in her feeble and dreamy state..she made herself known.  But that is why she is so special!  She is definitely my dog and I am her human!  
I am going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg next weekend but I'm not taking any dogs.  Is anyone out in blog land going?  I'd love to meet up if anyone is going.


What Remains Now said...

We went last year but alas, not this year. I'm politicking hard next year to go. Love the new pup-mobile.

Sue said...

Hope you have a fab time. Don't forget your camera.

Hazel said...

The ice cream story is funny. Our dogs must take lessons in "how to be entertaining".

Have fun at Gettysburg. I'm in New Mexico so won't get to meet you.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Love the new wheels, it's good the hounds do too! I made a boo boo when I bought our 'new' wagon 18 months ago, it could be lower for Beryl:( I can see me having to lift her in and out in a few years, lol!

Have an awesome time at GIG, take lots of photos. Looking forward to your blog post about it.

Sistertex said...

Hope you have a greyt time. Can't wait to hear how it all went!

Those Brindle Kids said...

I have to admit, I'm thinking about the Outback. It's been on my mind since Tales and Tails wrote about on her blog. Then I saw a photo of Gyeong's Subaru on his blog. I need something Truly can jump in to without much trouble. The Tahoe is a little too high for him.
Hope you have fun at GIG. Looking forward to your posts about it.
I just LOVE that Shane!

Angela said...

The pic of Petey is adorable! I went to GIG for the last 4 years, but we're not going to make it this year :(

Ashely Redden said...

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Arlyne Nelms said...

When you have a vehicle like this, you most likely have a family or pets that need to ride with you. :) I would like to see pictures of your dogs while riding on your Outback. I'm sure they always have fun because they get to have more bonding time with their lovable owner.

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