Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Who could hate Texas Toast?

Spring has sprung!!!  And before our guest could arrive, we had some fun outside. We were watching Beau and Belle for the weekend and their newest 'adopter sister' Sooie!
Cali just doesn't play well with others...
 But she was content with everyone chasing her. Sooie is bringing up the rear!
 Cali..well..being Cali

 Sooie in action. She is still very young and in 'race form'..
 And then...the proverbial wheels fell off.  We had a visitor arrive.  Many of you know her as Ihatetoast with her last post being about my Henry.  Some of you know her simply as Katy and she visited us once before from Australia.   But now, she has moved back to Texas and she tagged along with her mom on a road trip..to Virginia! so we enjoyed her company for two days but more importantly..we got to finally meet Omo and Fabian!!! I've followed her blog for over 5 years and have waited a long time for this snuggle!
We essentially had a greyhound party to welcome her to the states.  I think the final count was 16 dogs and 6 people.
Some of them enjoyed a romp in the yard.. Fabian says "Who says dogs with 3 legs can't run?"
 Dinah, Cali, Doc, Fabian, Omo and Finley
 Doc does love this toy
Cali gave up and found a more comfortable location

I call this sequence.."different objectives"
Doc loves running with a toy..Does Fab want the toy or Doc?
 Oh no!  Toy down!
Doc puts on the breaks for an emergency U-turn but Fab has no clue the toy is the objective
This is the "crap..abort!" stage.  I almost got completely nailed..after this photo.
 We had a good time..lots of wine, greyhounds and laughs.  Oh yeah..and Petey!  Katy's lap became his new location.  Thanks for visiting Katy!!!


What Remains Now said...

What a fun day! for all involved. Super terrific shots! I particularly loved the "abort" shot.

Hazel said...

You show the dogs and family beautifully in your photos.

Sue said...

What could be better than friends and loads of dogs:)

Loving the photo of Cali:)

gyeong said...

Cali, Stella agrees that there should be a Fun Police in every back yard, lest things get out of hand, and too much fun be had. The weather was great for a greyhound party. I hope all the pups have recovered. Jaime was happy to see another TriPaw.

Those Brindle Kids said...

Your running shots are amazing! That looks like my kind of party. What fun!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Wonderful action shots:) How do you manage with so many Greyhounds tearing around and no casualties? Now I've got a foster Greyhound I'm petrified he and Beryl are going to have a head on as they insist in going around the 'round garden' area in opposite directions!

Looks like Katy and Omo and Fabian made the best of their visit, and Petey:)

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Looks like a great time was had by both dogs and people! I agree with everyone, they are fantastic pictures of the dogs in motion.

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Your mini-me's are on my blog today :) Lynne

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

How funny to meet Katy finally! She played soccer with my sister-in-law way back in the day. It was a small world moment on FB when we figured that out. :-)

And yes, wearing a muzzle is like a bra. Maddie would dive her nose into it like she was finally one of the big kids... and then once on it was not all that it promised to be. LOL :-)