Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cali's Log

Cali's Log
Day 20 

It has been 20 nights since Daddy left.  I've been keeping track.  20 nights with no laps..Mommy's lap just isn't the same..she doesn't do it right (don't tell her, I don't want to hurt her feelings).  I'm beginning to wonder if he will ever come home.  I'm keeping his spot warm for him at night.  Sometimes, I hear him!  And I run in to his room (you know..the one with hard floors where he stares at a flat box all day)..but he isn't in there.  One day I roo'd and roo'd hoping he'd come out of hiding.  Mommy just walked around with her little flat box talking to it and I could HEAR him talking back....where IS HE???  Here is a selfie of me with the green monkey dragon (he didn't want to cooperate so I beat him in to submission) in case he reads this and forgets what I look like..
On the plus side, I do have mommy.  She will do in a pinch.  And i'm getting my meals every she is doing her job pretty well.  But I am glad she is here..not sure what I would do if they both left for this long.  Wait...what is she doing?  Is that the 'go on a long ride' bag?  WOOHOO..we are going to see Daddy!!!!  I gotta go pack my pink poodle.  He probably misses her too! Which martingale should I wear?  Do I need my coat?  Oh..I gotta go help her pack! 


Sue said...

Hope your daddy is home soon. I bet he misses you too.

Hazel said...

I feel your pain! Missing your huMAN
is the pits.

Angela said...

What was he thinking leaving you for so long?! poor Buford is going to be feeling the same way when I go on travel for work soon for nearly a month! Cali, I hope your daddy is back soon so you can cuddle in his lap again!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Aww, poor Cali. If I went away for a long time it would be so hard on Frankie and Beryl because they'd have to go in kennels as there's no-one else to look after them. Although they would probably miss my bed the most. Beryl would anyway, neither of them are lapdogs. Stay strong Cali, Daddy will come home eventually!