Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cali's Log

Cali's Log
Day 27

It has now been 27 nights since Daddy left.  And things are getting weird.  Mommy took Shane and Shiloh away..I thought the bag she packed was for all of us. But she just took them.  I cried and screamed.."you forgot me!".  But she left.  Then she returned and smelled like Auntie Kristen.  So I know they are safe.  But what about me?  Now..and this is the worst part..she is packing a big 'go on a long trip' bag and hasn't touched MY bag once.  It is still hanging in the closet, right next to the open bag of dog food.  Every time she opens that closet, I think she will touch one of those things. But no. I'm beginning to worry she is leaving too.  Who will feed me my breakfast??
I'm trying to stall her by laying on her and asking to play..I even tried pouting.  I'm the best pouter and it usually works.
But she keeps packing. I wonder if one of those air monsters that flies over the house growling took Daddy..Mommy always runs out and waves and takes photos.  Scary.  Are there people in that basket hanging from the air monster?  I bark to warn them.  Maybe I didn't warn Daddy enough.


Sue said...

Oh Cali I am sure you won't be left at home alone. You just wait and see.

gyeong said...

So sorry Cali. It will be over soon enough. Then the whole crew can be back together, and you won't even remember these times.

houndstooth said...

Aww, Cali! You could never be forgotten! Don't worry!