Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Sun has come out

 The sun has finally come out, the flowers are blooming and I can't breath..this can only mean one thing: Spring has arrived!!!
So allergies be damned...we are spending some quality time soaking up some Vitamin D.
Cali is doing so well.  We are four months post amputation and her lungs are CLEAR!  She is having her 4th chemo hopefully this week and we are going to do two more chemos since she is tolerating it so well.  We really couldn't be more pleased.
 She is happy, playful, spirited and pain free. 
we watching Stella for a few days.  She reminded us of the Park's Stella.  Made us miss the old girl even more.
 Now warmer weather does NOT give you free license to pick up nasty toys that have wintered in the mud and bring them inside.  No matter how cute you are...(this particular toy had a family of earthworms living in it.  gross)
And my contribution to Black and White Sunday.  Dana had a dental last week and did great.  She is 13 so I know it wasn't the ideal time, but it was desperately needed. And she is doing so well, we didn't want her teeth to be her downfall. 
Now..we try to pack in as much fun as possible before it gets to be molten lava hot outside.  :-)


Sue said...

Glad you have the sun and warmer temps.

Hope all goes well with Cali's next chemo.

Hazel said...

Earthworms! Sugar pie, you have to hide the grossness if you expect to sneak that toy inside!

So glad Cali is feeling happy and healthy! Osteo and chemo are scary, but she's tougher!

A dental at 13! You must be charmed!
So glad you can have spring and fun till the lava flows!

Anonymous said...

Yep, we are happy Spring is finally here too. We have lots of fun planned before the hot, humid days arrive. :)

gyeong said...

Go Cali. Miss my Stella girl. Glad Miss Dana is feeling better after her dental. Enjoy the 2 weeks of Spring we get around here.

Mad Red Hare said...

Awesome news about Cali. My Dixie used to leave stuffies outside, all year around! The weather was splendid here too this weekend.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

So pleased the news about Cali is all good. Isn't she amazing :) She looks amazing too! Beryl had a dental yesterday. She's only 7 1/2 but it really knocked her about. She had to have 3 teeth out and one was a hard molar. She was seeping blood from the mouth and nose and I really thought she was going to die last night, she was so wasted and miserable :( I've really promised her I'll do much better at cleaning her teeth from now on! I don't want to watch her go through with this ever again! Dana must be made of sterner stuff than Beryl, lol. Lovely photos of all the pups :)