Saturday, April 19, 2014

This little piggie

So we are watching a little piggie this week...Ok, not really.  But she definitely acts and sounds like one.  We've all seen Petey on the blog before..very cute chihuahua mix that loves to eat shoes.  His family recently adopted a 3 year old Boston Terrier and they named her Stella.  I want to say she is cute...but I CAN say she has an AWESOME personality and is super sweet. 
yeah...the eyes are the difficult part.  But rest assured she is healthy and those eyes are working and stable enough.  She can catch you off guard if you are busy and glance at the couch to see this...
I love that Petey is photobombing in the back with his tongue sticking out. But she really is very sweet and loving.  And the best part is that she and Petey get along great and are constantly playing.  It always starts with the standoff..
 And then the attack begins..
 it can look viscous but no one has gotten hurt or ever yelps..
 Stella likes to box.
 Back fire!
What were the greyhounds doing during all this play?  Sleeping or chewing silently on a bully stick.  No one could be bothered with such child play
 Cali had her 4th chemo last week. We have two more to go.  She is doing super!
 Stella has one super cute I'd be mean if i didn't show her good side.  I guess when you have no nose, this is comfortable. 

So why do we call her a piggie?  Well...besides the obvious
 She constantly snorts and snuffles.  That nose just isn't long enough so there is constant noise.  Especially when she is sniffing something..sounds just like a pig.  And she snores.....loudly and constantly.  not that little greyhounds snore that is cute and 'awwww'' inspiring.  No..this is just a taste.  This is her 'normal' napping snore..the nighttime snores are ground shaking and louder than most humans (and sadly...Jason can snore with hte best of them and even he is amazed!). 

She sleeps in her own room at night, quite happily.  I think she knows she is too loud.

Kristen and I will be at Greyhounds in Gettysburg again this year (dog-less) so let us know if you will be there! We'd love to meet some blogger friends!


Sue said...

They should have called her Babe:)

So glad Cali is doing so well. Hope once the next two chemos are over she can settle down and just enjoy life.

Michelle said...

I love Stella's pose. She is cute, bug eyes and all. :) We will be at GIG Friday - Sunday and plan to help some at the VAGA table. We will see you there!

Hazel said...

You did a good job showing the dogs and explaining the play! Very cute.

So glad Cali is doing well!

Dory and the Mama said...

OMD...what a cutie pie!!! Just love the bitey face pics!!

Easter Smileys!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

gyeong said...

Bet Petey loves having someone who will finally play bitey face with him

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Um, yes, what can you say about Stella, lol. I've never seen eyes like that on a Boston before. Of course she's cute :) You have to wonder how well she can see in front of her though? Interesting. Her snoring sure is amazing! She would keep me awake too.

Yay for more good news about Cali.

Have the best time at GIG! I'm very envious.