Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finding Peace

I never looked up the name Shiloh, I honestly picked it b/c I saw a dog named Shiloh in the classified while I was scanning them for 'dogs need homes' in 1998.  I saw the name and thought, when I find a dog I will name it Shiloh.  It didn't get any deeper than that.
But now, I've learned that Shiloh can be loosely translated to 'peace' or 'tranquility'.  Which ended up being very fitting for me.  I miss her and she was my place of peace.  I've ordered a very special commemorative piece in her memory and I will post it as soon as it arrives.  I'm very excited for it.  It is very weird not having her. But I am finding peace and moving forward...but I could certainly use a Shiloh squeeze right now.

Today we have the greyhound picnic and then we leave on Friday for Grapehounds.  So it will be a flurry of activity. And then, we will start fostering and see what comes along.

I have forgotten to introduce the newest member of my extended pack. My mom has adopted two minis from Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue and I'm on their mailing list.  An email came through and two minis caught my eye.  One was named Kristen and her daughter was Snickers.  They both had been neglected but not abused.  Their feet were grown in to literal balls, the were very overweight and covered in burrs.  Kristen was the worst of the two.  I emailed my mom and said she should look at them and though I wanted her to take Kristen, I knew I wasn't the one mucking stalls and carrying hay.  So I suggested the easier Snickers (knowing FULL well what would happen when Mom saw Kristen).  The final nail was my offer to 'co-own' her and basically be the bank roll.  So meet Baby (apparently the bank roll does not get a say in naming her..but she is formerly known as Kristen).
She will look much better after a good bath and some TLC.  Her feet are very bad but Mom is doing a great job keeping them trimmed and her pain controlled.  She is very small.  It is hard to get scale, but my hands are very small.  Her ear is teeny. 
I will take more photos of her as she progresses.  She is getting along great with the other minis and seems to be flourishing with all the attention. 


Hazel said...

Ms Bankroll, you are doing a good thing and I hope you and MS Mom enjoy the experience. Shiloh is nodding in approval.!

Sue said...

Polly and I are sending you hugs.

So glad Baby has a new forever home.

gyeong said...

There will never be another Shiloh, but some foster hound will enter your home, and never want to leave :) I would have offered to bankroll both, just to keep the name Kristen. Hehe.

houndstooth said...

I'm glad you're finding things to do to keep busy. That was the hardest thing for me when I was getting over several different canine losses in my life.

Kristen, or Baby, is adorable and you're awesome to be the bankroll!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I've always liked the name Shiloh, I didn't know it's meaning but it does suit her so well. Looking forward to seeing what you have lined up for her memory :) Glad you are finding some peace now. You and she had a wonderful, long life together.

We need a photo of Baby next to a Greyhound for an idea of scale :) She looks gorgeous, well done on being the bankroll!