Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tasty vittles

After  a week, Roxi is doing awesome.  We couldn't be more pleased with her!  The weather is awesome right now too. 
So Roxi runs
 While the greyhounds watch
 She is quite laid back so she only runs for a bit and then is worn out.
 We are able to grill and eat outside a lot these days which is the only time the dogs get 'fed from the table'.  And they know it.
 And Roxi is figuring it out very quickly
 Since adopting her, we've had a steady stream of visitors for boarding or just stopping by to say hi.  So she probably isn't 100% sure who is here to stay and who will go home.  But she plays very well with Petey and Stella.
 but love to snuggle with her greyhound sisters..though I don't think the feeling is mutual
 Dobby stopped by for a visit and played with everyone, though he was a bit too rough for Roxi's taste.  She wanted to play with him but she just couldn't stay on her feet long enough!


Patty E. said...

It looks like Roxi is very happy in her forever home!

Hazel said...

I laughed at the picture of the grey having the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth while trying to take food from the hand!

The ears in the last photo are precious!

Sue said...

She is sure happy.

Loving the last photo....just adorable:)

houndstooth said...

Dobby's ears just crack me up! Roxi looks like a very happy girl! :)

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