Saturday, July 12, 2014

Farm Days

Every few years, we make a group trip to my parents farm in Southwestern Virginia to hang by the pool and enjoy the quiet.  This year, Kristen and I took the little dogs.  Roxi had not been to my parents' house yet and Parker has been in the past and had fun.  Without a fence, it is a lot of work to take all the greyhounds. 
Roxi had a lot of fun with her first farm experience (that I'm aware of).  She spent a lot of time baying at the horses.  I really need to record her is quite the sound. Very high pitched and 'roo' like. 
 Sugar put up with this for a bit and then made Roxi know she is in charge.
I introduced "Baby" formerly known as Kristen a few months back.  She has really improved and looks so much better now!
 Kristen meets Kristen

I love this photo of Sugar
 And I think this is Rocky..but maybe it is Sugar.  Horses have the best eyes.
 When Roxi wasn't bothering the horses, she was chasing little butterflies that flew in large groups.  Entertained her for a long time.
 And she cooled off in the pool..even though I don't think she enjoyed it as much as we did.
Roxi also got educated on cats.  Missy is Mom's new barn cat and she is like Sugar and made sure everyone knew she was in charge. She particularly liked to sit inside the tack room and jump out of the cat hole with a loud spit and hiss at unsuspecting passing pups.
  I realized I did not have a photo of my Dad and I, so we fixed that this weekend!!! 
 And a group shot
 And as we were leaving, Gyeong saw this cicada after it had just molted.  Pretty neat!
 It was a great fourth of July weekend spent with friends and family!


Hazel said...

I sure liked the animals photos, and the pool shot.

Great times!

Sue said...

So glad you had fun with your family.

Lovely photo of your dad. He reminds me of John Walton (that's a compliment:)).

Mad Red Hare said...

Looks like fun! Nice photo of you and your dad. One of the things I realized when my dad passed, there were very few pictures of just the two of us.