Monday, July 21, 2014

Young blood

We've definitely had our share of 'senior living' and the last year has been tough.  But I did get used to living with a bunch of old and sick dogs.  When I lost Shiloh, I honestly didn't think I had the ability to do it again.  We all feel that way.  I knew I'd always have dogs and I would always love them..but I wasn't sure one would ever fill that void. 
I was wrong.  It has been nice to have some young blood and activity around the house.  We celebrated Cali's 6 month post ampu-versary this month and her Xrays were clear.  Dana turns 13 1/2 next week which is a milestone!
But the babies in the house have stolen my lens for now..they are just too much fun.
 We are watching Petey and Stella for a week and originally we were worried Cody wouldn't be small dog tolerant.  He truly doesn't care about them. Even in the heat of the chase, with one literally nipping at his heels.
 Cody loves kids and enjoyed when our niece and nephew visited last weekend.
 Roxi has started obedience school and goes twice a week for classes.  She does really well and is learning quickly.  It is good for us as well since 'one on one' training is difficult in a house of 4.
 And we are also watching Vesta..who does the roach like no other.
And Petey..such a cutie
I promised Cali I'd post photos of her soon. She's feeling very left out and ignored (which we all know is not possible).


houndstooth said...

They're all so darned cute! I understand what you mean about the seniors and the young pups, too. It's been nice having a couple of eager young dogs here this summer!

Sue said...

That second photo is priceless:)

So glad your dogs are doing well and enjoying the various visitors.

Hope you all have a fab day.

Hazel said...

The first photo showing the greyhound in full running mode and his/her face in glorious bliss is so wonderful.
I'm glad Calli is still clear on her xrays!

Patty E. said...

Looks like you have a fun house!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Great action shots of Cody! I'm so pleased Cali has got clear x-rays :) Bet you are too! Looking forward to seeing some photos of her.

Asher is a comparative youngster with Frankie being about 6 1/2 and Beryl turning 8 in September, but he is an old soul most of the time! Beryl puts him to shame at the beach as far as running around.

Michelle said...

Ziva would have a blast running around with Cody. Looks like they have the same energy level.