Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beach Bound Hounds 2014 and 9 Month ampuversary

Kristen and I packed up and headed to Beach Bound Hounds again this year (5th year). We love this event. This is the first year I haven't taken Dana. She is too old now and it is a very active vacation. But Cali and Cody stepped up to the plate and had a great time!!!
This is Cali's 5th year but this year she had a few 'disabilities'. But she handled it like a champ!!!  
 She's such a beach bum
 She would lay right down and snooze the whole time
 Cali's oncologist wanted me to take a lot of photos of her while we were there..I was happy to oblige!
 this was Cody's first year and he did so well! And he got a new fancy martingale and a new coat!  He looks super handsome!
 Kristen too Kelli and Stan.
 We basically spent 3 days doing this. The weather wasn't great for sunbathing but it was perfect for having dogs on the beach. 
 The last morning was the first morning we had a great sunrise.  The whole group gathers for a group roo before everyone heads out.
 These two did such a great job at Beach Bound Hounds and I am very lucky to have them both!!!
 It also cannot go without saying that Cali celebrates her NINE month ampuversary on Tuesday (10/7).  We took her for her checkup prior to going to the beach to ensure she was 'cleared' for the trip.  Her Xrays were clear and her oncologist gave her a two thumbs up!  fingers crossed for many more of these reports. 


Mad Red Hare said...

Such wonderful news for Cali! Our group's permanent foster just celebrated his 8 month ampuversary. He is participating in the osteo study at Auburn. Each day is a blessing!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

It looks like a great weekend was had by all and no sunburn :) Congratulations to Cali for 9 months clear. How often do you get her checked?

Hazel said...

Cali, I'm so proud of you and enjoyed seeing you on the beach! I'm very glad that you went to the Beach Bound Hounds, bought new collars and new coats. Where did you get the oval pads that the dogs were lying on?

Sue said...

Looks like a lovely time.

So glad Cali is doing well.

Hope you have many more visits to the beach with her and your other pups.

Hope you have a good week.

IHateToast said...

Active vacation?

I swear, I'm doing this next year. MARK MY ASCII words!!

Patty E. said...

It looks like a great time to me!

houndstooth said...

It's so good to see her still doing well since the amputation! The beach looks lovely!

Praveen RS said...

These two dogs looks really nice
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