Monday, May 25, 2015

Cooper Vineyard SPCA Festival

I just went and looked back in my blog (one of the many reasons I love doing this) and discovered our first trip to the Cooper Vineyard SPCA Festival was in 2008. And we've been going every year since.  So this was our 7th time and we've definitely mastered the art of hanging at a winery with a bunch of dogs all day.  This year we had five tents, 18 people, 19 dogs and a lot of food and wine.  We call it greyhound city and the owners of Cooper know we are coming every year and know we drink a lot of wine!! ;-)
The weather was perfect..mid 70s, slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. 
It was perfect napping weather
Even for babies (she has a new collar and I think it is very striking on her! Thank you, Houndstown)
 We even took Dana.  She is  14 and 4 months!  Acupuncture has really helped her mobility and appetite. Though she is still too skinny..she seems to feel great.
 It was a great day.
Cali is doing OK..but not great.  She isn't eating well and isn't playing as much as we'd like her to be.  We will likely go back tomorrow for bloodwork and a new chemotherapy protocol.  The hope it is to get her back to feeling like herself. 
Have a great Memorial Day!


Sue said...

What a fab time you must have had. Glad everyone was able to catch a snooze. Dana looks a lovely girl. That collar is lovely and bright.

The girls and I are sending Cali loads of positive healing thoughts and gentle (((Cali))).

Sue, Polly & Honey

genji said...

Yes, it's taken us a few years, but now we seem to have the system down. Lots of tents, lots of food, lots of dogs, and lots of wine. :) And the weather was especially nice this year.