Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sweet 16

 On May 7th, Cali celebrated her 16 month ampuversary.  I'd say this is a milestone. She is also responding extremely well to her Lymphoma chemotherapy. She has gained 6 pounds (she lost a total of 9 before diagnosis and during prednisone treatment) and she is GIDDY she feels so good.  Her bloodwork is great.  Mom and Dad are weary of weekly chemotherapy treatments but it makes it worth it to see how good she feels and how well she is doing!!
So we celebrated with some sunshine and playtime.
We are watching Ana and Blue as well.  Ana watches a bee.
 Roxi loves to be chased.  And the greyhounds love to chase!  Cody can get a bit carried away so we muzzle him during hard core play times.  Blue is an old man but he still runs at the back of the pack.
 Cali enjoys running with the pack too. She and Roxi wrestle a lot inside but occasionally they get going outside as well.
This isn't a great photo but it cracked me up because it is typical Roxi.  Goofball.
 Happy 16 months, Cali. 


Patty E. said...

Happy Sweet 16!!!! She looks wonderful!

Hazel said...

Good going, Cali! And thanks to Mom and dad that they are making it all happen (weekly chemotherapy, etc) I really like that they still like to play!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Cali. May you have many more.

Loving the photos of the hounds playing.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Sue