Friday, August 21, 2015

Cali update: 20 months: 5 months

Cali will be 20 months post amputation on 9/7/15 and just hit 5 months post Lymphoma diagnosis last week.
My last update spoke about an ultrasound.  While on vacation, the options 'gained' from an ultrasound were not worth the risks so the ultrasound was no longer necessary.
The monoclonal antibody treatment was not working and all the chemotherapys we've tried recently have either made her very ill or done nothing.  And those that made her ill only 'sort of' worked.  This is the problem with T-cell Lymphoma..resistance is high and fast.

So we have stopped all treatments and tests and her oncologists fully supported this decision.  Cali will live out her days on our couch enjoying doing what she loves.  the symptoms we combat are nausea and lethargy and she is on 4 medications to counter the nausea.  she has good days and bad days which is what the oncologist told us to expect. This was not an easy decision and we will never know if it was the 'right' decision. But we feel it is the best decision.

On a recent good day, we took her, Cody and Roxi to a local dog festival at Blue Bee Cidery.  she still has that therapy dog thing.  This little girl rubbed on her and snuggled with her for a long time.
 She still enjoys time in her Daddy's lap
 And I don't think she has lost any large amount of weight and still looks shiny and healthy. 
  On her bad days, she eats very little even when presented with everything under the sun, and she lays around quietly all day.  On her good days, she eats like a pig (usually our dinner as well), plays with toys and runs around the yard.
As of now, the good days are outnumbering/outweighing the bad days.


Patty E. said...

I hope she has many good days ahead of her. Keeping all of you in my thoughts.

Sue said...

I hope Cali has many more good days. My girls and I are sending her positive healing thoughts and hugs (((Cali))). Sue, Polly & Honey

Elaine said...

Thinking of you all. What a great girl and very lucky to have "parents" like you.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

You have always done the best for Cali :) Here's hoping the good days continue to outnumber the bad days for a long while yet.