Saturday, March 12, 2016


It's nice to get out and photograph the dogs in the warm weather again.  Last spring/summer was overshadowed by sick dogs so I'm enjoying watching my healthy and relatively young pack run around.  Cody celebrated his 7th birthday last week.
The girls enjoyed the recent warm snap a lot.
Cora is doing so well.  She's a joy to have around and such a sweet girl.
 Roxi and Lizzie play very well together when it is just the two of them.  Muzzles came out (and on) when all three greys are out and about as they tend to gang up on the squirrely Roxi.  But as a pair, it may look horrible but it is quiet and very polite.  And they seem to have such a good time.
 Roxi strikes a pose
 A parting shot of Cora..she reminds us so much of Dana.

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Sue said...

Trina, So glad your pack are doing well and enjoying the nice weather to play. Sue, Polly & Honey