Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well..the holiday season is upon us..I hope everyone (in the states at least) had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And now we get to gear up for the shopping ( I stick to cyber shopping) and holiday treats. ;-)
Jason and I took the kids to my parents' house in Franklin County, VA (southwest VA). They live on a farm so this was Cali's first introduction to horses, deer, Gam-Gam's cooking and family gatherings. sister (who is 6 months preggers), my mom and I after Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family. Can't tell we are related, can you? ;-)
Ok..the family stuff is out of the way..on to animals!!! ;-)
My mom cares for my sisters retired racing Thoroughbred horse, Mac as well as her two miniature horses, Rocky and Sugar, she rescued from Roanoke Valley Horse Rescue. RVHR helped us a lot during my horse's last few months a few years ago..and during that process mom acquired these two cuties.
They make a very cute herd..don't you think?
Cali seemed to enjoy the minis..she wasn't sure what to think of them at first but she has a lot more confidence than she wasn't petrified of them.
"Rocky...are you a fuzzy dog?"
The mini's have a small paddock that is fenced well (they are escape artists) that made a great off leash area for the hounds. We of course turned off the electicity on the fence..that would have been bad.
"Sugar..can't you come play with me?"
"Now I don't know what to do with you..."Five minutes earlier..
"Don't let that monster in here!" But Dana..look how cute she is....
Rocky says he doesn't care for other four leggers disturbing his nap timeWe used this time to practice Cali's recall (she has to know "Come" to be a therapy dog)
"You called, Mom?"My sister came over and groomed on Mac..he loves peppermints!Oh..and while we were playing with the horses..Jason was inside with my dad carving up my dad's deer from this season. He passed the knife to Jason...made me tear up a bit. Then Jason did this...Before we came back to Richmond, we went to Tomahawk Mills Winery which is really close to my parents' house..we just never knew it! You know you are in the back country when you have to ring a this bell for service..

It was an old mill so it was very picturesque
We had a great Thanksgiving and didn't get caught in too much traffic. Everyone is recovering from their trip to the farm. They haven't really opened their eyes in the last 24 hours!
Happy Holidays everyone!!!


gyeong said...

Can't wait to see how our greys get along with the horses. We already know that Parker loves him some horse poo!

IHateToast said...

tamale had some cow poo, too. ew.

will jason be a patient when cali does therapy at the nuthouse?

Michelle & Mitch said...

Sorry, I am a little late with the posting of this comment, I have been meaning to for two days, but my computer at home stinks....dial up!!! Urgh!

Down on the There's nothing quite like being in the country on Thanksgiving! Love the horses and Cali is pretty brave, I don't know that even I would have made it that close...they intimidate me a little. =) All are great pictures! And, how cool is that to have a winery that close? Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! Happy Holidays!