Sunday, November 18, 2007

The turnstile is installed

Last weekend..we broke our own record of dogs under our roof overnight..nine. After the past few weeks of lots of dogs, I definitely realize we can't have more than 4 of our own! We had Jag until Friday..when he got adopted to his hopeful forever home. He was a really good boy.
He always had ETS
Lindley visited for a few days while her parents had some R&R in Atlantic City. She is very pretty and easy! We also had Hemingway..the goofy boy. He is a lot of fun but has a lot of energy! He seemed to always have to share his bed..even though there were plenty to go around.
Blue and Ana went home today..their parents had a wonderful honeymoon in Europe but missed them very much!!!
Blue says he misses his Mommy!
BUT..he loves the fenced yard...and the pink octopus!
I couldn't help but take this shot..9 dogs eating at the same time (while Jason cooks!) can't see Dante but he is behind Lindley!But of course with this many kids in one is impossible to keep everyone happy. Cali must have called Ana a momma's girl and then Ana said Cali's daddy was a dork...and it was on! But they are they got tired immediately with only a small scuffle..BUT the outcome was that Cali got her butt kicked...literally.
And you thought Jason and Cali were sick should see how he is when she is 'injured'!

So we decided to add to our living room furniture because we needed more couch space for the dogs! So we bought a reclining chaise. It is soft and fluffy..and the dogs love it! It did not come with a spoiled rotten greyhound but we have one that likes it a lot!
"I love the new chair" ...I was laughing uncontrollably..she was sound asleep!
But we can fit all sorts of dogs on the new chair..

Then on Saturday night, we had some folks over for dinner and fun. Of course lots of greyhound (and one whippet) were invited as well!
Diego shows off his pjs..the butt was cute!Diego and Hemi lounge together
Ana gets a homemade pork rind from Nerice..the dogs really loved those!

Gil gets everyone started by handing out more pork rinds. Dolly, Ally, Cali, Ana and Dana patiently wait for more!

We got the game Guitar Hero 3..which is a lot of fun...and addictive. it was a hit at the party. Nerice had past experience with the whole she was really good. The rest of use started a bit behind the eight ball. Diego got around...and obviously had too much wine!

Everyone has gone home we are back to just our kids. First time in a few months I think! Thanksgiving is Thursday..we are going to my parents' house this year. So we will be packing up the wagon and heading south on Wednesday. Let Cali experience her first 'farm experience'..she probably won't be deathly afraid of the mini horses like Dana is!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
p.s. Happy Birthday, Gyeong!


Michelle & Mitch said...

Ahh...Poor Cali!! Just like my Booyah, always getting hurt. Hope she heals soon.
Love the shot of "feeding time". That new chair looks very cozy. And the PJ' cute!! =) Have a happy Turkey day!

gyeong said...

You should print out 'frequent stayer' cards for return customers. The new chaise looks nice. Instead of a couch, I think I might just get half a dozen of those chaises. Wonder how long Cali can milk her booboo? :)

IHateToast said...

now that cali sees what happens when she gets hurt, don't you worry that she'll be all "you're a momma's girl!" to the rest just to get a nip?

i'd say jason was pathetic, but you weren't much better Ms Spoons with Dogs. sucker!


okay, jealous.

Danielle said...

Poor Cali. Poor Poor Cali. Hasta sit in her daddy's lap all the time now. Because of the, you know, injury. Seriously, I'm glad she's doing OK, though. Have a happy thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

i love the pics of blue's bouncey bottom! we are so glad to be back (and that ana is better now)! cali looks so funny with her ears perked up- she's like "uh-huh, uh-huh...Zzzzzz!". =)

Michelle & Mitch said...

The things we do for our dogs. We buy them really nice dog beds, coats and snoodies, hats and bows, pajamas and costumes, and now when we shop for furniture the first thing we think of is "I wonder how the dogs will like this"!!!! (Oh excuse me Cueball, I didn't realize I was in your chair.)