Sunday, January 28, 2007

Meet and Greet season starts

After a few months of free weekends, VAGA's meet and Greets have started again! It is such a great opportunity to let people see the greys! Fredericksburg has a new Petsmart, so VAGA set up a monthly MG. There were about 20 greyhounds at the event on Saturday! it was really neat.
Of course, Stella had on a hat...she loves her hat! Almost as much as she loves her brother lucas . They always make a great team at MG's!

We are watching Lulu this weekend..she is ultra sweet! We fostered her a few months ago. She is very happy in her new home..she went with us to the MG this weekend.

People often ask how feeding time is with all these dogs...well..this picture pretty much sums it up! And this is pre-prepped..greyhounds don't eat dry kibble..;-) Of course, Lulu gets green beans and canned food in her food..her new parents are much cooler than we are and they only have one dog!
and of course, my blog wouldn't be complete without action shots of the kids in the yard. Hank is still here and made a spot in the house. They love to play..I liked this picture b/c they were all in the 'ready to rumble' stance.

I get my new laptop on Wednesday! Very will make all sorts of things faster and more fun. Kristen and gyeong are coming down next weekend. The Super Bowl will be on Sunday and of course, the 'surprise' I have promised will be unveiled after next weekend. ;-)

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IHateToast said...

we mash our kibble in the roo mince or the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food or is it bones and raw food?) tamale can spit out the kibble when she's the only dog around, but if there is a foster, she eats it all. chicken neck (raw) are a big treat here. we still have butchers in qld, so there are all sorts of goodies for them. it all makes me hurl. i never get used to it.