Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tastes like chocolate

So this was Jason's first week of working the 'normal man's' schedule. He has worked evenings for the past 4 years and before that worked weekends for 3 years. So having him around all the time is going to be a new adjustment for us both. ;-) But to celebrate his first week, he partied. But of course partying as a 30-something means drinking too much with your friends on your
deck. ;-) So here is Jason with his new boss (left side) and his old boss (red hat) doing Irish car bombs. They are a vile concotion of a 50:50 ratio shot of whiskey and Bailey's irish cream dropped in to a pint of Guiness stout that supposedly tastes like chocolate. me that is like saying opossum tastes like chicken. tastes like opossum. Which to me..seems like it would taste like licking a bum. Like an Irish car bomb. Besides the obvious tummy trouble that has to result from such a drink, you have to be nuts to actually drink one...and oh have to chug it to get the 'full effect'. Idiots.
And yes, they did numerous of these.
But he is still alive and loving his new position with the bank.
Today we went to another greyhound event on the southside of the city. They had games and food. Ana of course won the egg race contest..she actually beat quite a few other competitors. Dana was out early..she became focused on a morsel in the grass causing me to stop. Here is Ana in her last leg of the race becoming victorious!

The event was fun..Jason and I enjoyed the wonderful weather..and yes I got all my hair cut off recently. I go through stages..when you have the mop of angry hair like I grow tired of styles easily. So now I am working with the curls instead of against them for a while. ;-)

Jenny Alfano and Sara striking a pose in the sunshine

And the dogs got to run in a nearby ball field. We let Ana, Blue, Jo, Tristan, Sara and Dana play together. They had a lot of fun.

Next week we are having a party to send us off to Cancun (15th!) for a week! Woooohooooo!


IHateToast said...

men would drink clearasil if you mixed it with guinness.

your hair looks great. do.not.fight.curls!

where will dana and dante go while you're in cancun?

gyeong said...

Isn't the rhyme about liquor then beer never fear. Not Liquor AND beer.
I wish I had some curl to my hair. I have horse hair.
I love pics of running greys. It's a close call between all out running vs. sleeping pics.