Sunday, October 21, 2007

Greyhound boom

I guess it is the right time of year. Greyhounds are flying off the shelves everywhere you look!!! It is very cool! We got a haul of 6 greyhounds in this weekend and 6 more are due to arrive next weekend! We did the standard early morning meeting at Crittertown to give everyone their bathe and pedicure.
Brian helps Avalanche's new family give him his first bath!

Then the best part..towel rub!
I brought Greta's Bam Bam home for the night. I just did his adoption with his new family so he is heading home! He was a sweet, goofy boy who was very easy.

Apollo was returned so I have him now. I have only had him a few hours but so I will get more pictures of him this week.
And last night Jason and I went to a friend's Halloween party..and of course we had to dress up. Jason loves his costume and has had it for years. I had to go find something that would match the 'darkness'. ;-) The worst part about the costume is that Jason is already 6'4" so add a mask and he gains 3 or 4 inches. The shoulder pad skull thingies increase his width to the point he could not walk out a door without turning sideways. He plans on answering the door Halloween night dressed like this...might stop kids from returning..more candy for us!
Next week..we wash, rinse and repeat again! But we get to end the weekend with a nice picnic with the it should be fun all in all!


Michelle & Mitch said...

Awesome Costumes!! I am sure the kids will be scared out of their wits when Jason opens the door. =)
Don't you just love Halloween?

Amanda said...

heehee! i see you tried to gain a few more inches by adding horns to your head! =) it's so not fair that i have to miss my favorite time of year because of stupid wedding planning!!! will have to follow up on apollo- such a cutie!!

gyeong said...

We did 2 GUR's and two meet 'n greets. How do our weekends so easily get tranformed into doggie weekends?:)

I think it would be appropriate for Dante to wear the horns.

IHateToast said...

you're the cutest mistress of death ever!