Monday, October 29, 2007

A busy weekend

The weekend was a long one..full of dog events. But it kept us out of trouble! We started with a dog haul on Saturday (another one!). 6 more hounds came up!
I have found my blog just isn't complete without embarassing Brian...

I brought home two boys.
WS's Free Fallin' a very laid back 4 year old boy. Who went to his forever home on Sunday!
And Hevener Jaguar..he is a 2 year old ...and VERY energetic!I already had Hevener Apollo. Who should be going to his forever home on Tuesday!
He is the definition of velcro..this was the only picture I had of him for a few days!
Free Fallin' really liked Cali..he thought she was very pretty. He wasn't aware that his manberries were missing. She wasn't impressed.
I call this my "dog whisperer" picture. We were watching Macy (fawn by Dana in the back). So treat time was quite the experience.
Then on Sunday was our membership meeting at a local park. It was a lot of fun! You can see more pictures of that event at GPA's blog! There are a lot of neat running pictures. They got to run in groups, so the dogs are different on that blog! But here are some more! Cali was bored by the whole meeting she got Daddy to comfort her.
Someone told them running was about to occur!Cali having fun!
Apollo and Cali
Dana and for me!
Cali, Dana and Wolf
The race is seriously on! Cali is in the lead!
And of course, after their run...poo duty!
It was a good day! Everyone was tired! At one point, we had 9 dogs here but as the weekend progressed we were left with only Jag and Apollo. Someone is getting married on Saturday, so Blue and Ana will be joining our herd soon!


gyeong said...

So when are you going to install that turnstile at the Stumpf Halfway House for Greyhounds? :)

There really is nothing like getting pics of greyhounds in motion. In that one pic of Apollo, he looks like a gazelle.

Michelle & Mitch said...

Love the "dog whisperer" shot! So many greys!! =) Looks like you guys had a greyt fun filled dog weekend, those are always the best kind. =) We will have to get together for a grey play date soon.

IHateToast said...

wow! that one where there are four of them is so cool. none are touching the ground.

and cali and your jason. pathetic.

thebellagreyhound said...

Don't you just love them boys that will wash dogs and pick up poo!