Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When the kids collide

So we went to my in-laws' house in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. Jason's brother lives near them as well so we get to visit with our neice, Madison
and nephew, William (and NO more wife..WOOT!).
They like to use Uncle Jason as a jungle gym..the butt is awful cute...
But he is goofy enough they consider him one of them!
This was Cali's first sleepover..she is pretty easy going so I wasn't too worried about it. She did really well. On Saturday, we took them to a large baseball field that was completely enclosed. Since they don't have a fenced yard, this was their first time off the lead in 2 days! So they had a BLAST!!!
Forgive the horrible pictures..we let them off the lead and they hit the rail (gravel path) and began a full out race. I was far away and not prepared for such a spectacle! I have not seen them go that fast ever.
It looks as if Dana wins..but Cali had started slowing down by this time. Sadly, Miss Dana Roo is 2 years off the track and gotten a bit 'soft' in her old age (she turns 7 in january) so compared to Cali's 3 months off the track and 4 year old body...it wasn't really fair. But Dana kept up to the end!
Cali still had plenty of energy after the race..so she played a little "dodge the kids"..she had fun!
Then Madison decided she could run as fast as Cali....Cali let her for a few strides.
Then Cali just ran around goofy for a while..
I have NO idea how she managed to not crash and burn in this manuever but she pulled it out and ran away with no problem!
Cali takes a moment with Madison
And Dana takes a moment with grandpa..Dana likes grandpa

Cali and Shiloh taking a breather
It was a good trip. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids definitely had fun! But we did discover that kids are fun for a few days...then we left. It was sooo quiet.......;-)


ldupie said...

Great photos! I love seeing them run. You did a fine job capturing it :) And kids are the best especially when you can give them back ;-)

Michelle & Mitch said...

Love the shot of Cali in the field with all fours off the ground! Looks like you had a greyt time! =)

gyeong said...

Can't wait for our nieces and nephew to get big enough to wear out our kids. They wear out our kids, and we hand back worn out kids to our sisters. Fair trade.

Amanda said...

i love the pic of cali pulling out of her almost-burnout! =) looks like you had a good time...we need to find a track to take all of our kids to together!!

IHateToast said...

i have a niece named madison, too. and a dog just like dana. but i can't get my husband to carry the dogs around like a baby.

nice bum crack. cute on kids, not so on the woman at the pizza place who had at least 5 inches hanging out.