Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I do...

I do...love him even though he looks likes this...the kids didn't...
I do...love fostering. Jag is doing well and is soooo sweet.
I do...love a lot of dogs in my back yard
I do ...love my shiloh and Kristen's Parker..especially when he stalks her
Amanda and Kenney say...I do
I ...don't know if her dad is happy..why wouldn't he be..his daughter is marrying a GREAT GUY!
I do..love my friends Kristen and Gyeong
I do..love me some wine..we had 1 1/2 hours to wait before the reception. Most spent it walking around colonial Williamsburg...we admired the history from the plastic car drinking Williamsburg Winery Cabernet!
WE DO..cheers to Amanda and Kenney's future!
I do..sacrifice my furniture and floor space..for my kids (Jag, Dana, Blue, Jamie, Alex, Hemingway)
(Stella, Cali, Shiloh, Ana, Alex, Hemingway)
(Stella, Parker, Dante, Shiloh)
I do..love my friends and their greyhounds..Ana and Blue..they are no longer bastard children
I do...love my Cali...who did this all by herself...I don't pretend to understand the reasoning
Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Kenneth and Amanda Miller. Thank you for having us to your wedding (the parking lot was an added bonus). I hope you are having a wonderful time in Europe..I know you are reading this while you are there. I look foward to your return!!!!!


IHateToast said...

do you think cali just smells jason?

where was 'i do... think that dancing on the table with my dress over my head was a bit much'?

Amanda said...

we do...love the pictures you have posted...miss our babies very much...thank you so much for taking care of them while we are away...love you for blogging about them so we have new pics to look at...have so many stories to tell when we get back...miss you guys! a few more days in paris, then on to london! kisses to the puppies!!

gyeong said...

I'm sure Ana and Blue are happy that mommy and daddy are legitimate now. They are just wondering why they were invited on the honeymoon.

Drinking at a dry wedding. Might be time to give 'AA' a call :)

paola_ said...

This has been a bad morning, as the whole Finland is in mourning for yesterday's school shooting. The picture of Cali sleeping like a baby made me feel much, much better. Thank you for posting it :)

Kristen said...

The benefit of so many dog beds....you can't see the carpet!

thebellagreyhound said...

Nice to see that fellow greyhound peeps enjoy a glass of vino : )