Sunday, January 6, 2008

Are you ready????

Ok..I have been asked numerous times to get this post up! New Year's a ride! Sadly, I don't remember pieces of it and that would be my stupid fault. ;-) The set up...we had a wine tasting party. In years past, we had people bring wine and everyone tasted it. But this year, Kristen and I joined forces and bought the wine. We had 7 different very nice bottles of wine selected for us by a wine expert at a local wine store. We even had tasting notes!!! We got two of each bottle so everyone could enjoy their favorite after the tasting and of course we had multiple bottles of good champagne.
And before I begin with the stories..Jason and I bought Rock Band before the party. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a video game that has 2 guitars, a drum set and a microphone. You play all together along with well known rock you feel like a rock star!

The day started with letting all the dogs run around the back was a great day for it!
Brody even stopped by for a play date..he seemed to have a lot of fun with Dana, Cali, Shiloh, Dante, Jaime, Stella, Stanley, Parker and Flo for the afternoon.
Then the party starts. Nerice brings Ally, Dolly and Diego and Mark brings Ceasar and Macy (so that would be 14 dogs and i think we had 18 people). So I will start with a string of pics of us all playing Rock Band. Notice that in most of the pictures, the dogs have the couch and chairs while the people sit on the edge or stand..

Jason on drums, Nerice on bass guitar, Trina on lead guitar and vocals by Mike
Rock on!!!
Vocal change to Rob..
The opening band took a break while the headliner performed. Nerice on drums, Jason on bass guitar, Kristen on lead guitar and Rob continues with the vocal
Rob needed a break for a lemon water gargle (or maybe a chardonnay hit) so Mike takes over
Ok..enough of the band shots..on to the good ones and more dogs!!!!!!
As a close up to the band, notice what sits behind (and around..seriously look closely at all those above shots!) Then..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We were watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' eve and noticed a because of the party attendees..we rewound and photographed!
Cheers!The groupies..Ally, Diego and Stella
But you ask..where is Ally Momma's head???? know what they say about groupies...
Parker and Ceasar take over the chaise leaving Ferrell a small spot.Gil comes to have a word with Ally about her inappropriate behavior..she lashes back..when good dogs go bad!!But you know what they say..when a dog bites you ..bite it back!Gil decides to bring out a new squeaky toy..Cali is QUITE upset that he isn't giving it to her..doesn't he know WHO SHE IS???Gyeong and Diego take a momentNow..I promised videos. I am sorry to Mark, Ferrell, Gil and Gyeong..but I had to do it. You can't hit record and not expect it to make the rounds. ;-)
First..the band. This is Rob on lead vocals, Kristen on guitar, Jason on bass guitar and Nerice on drums (it was her first time..drum virgin..but she did really well!) (and I couldn't get it to you have to click the hyperlink!)

Then..things get interesting. someone gives Ferrell the microphone and plays Mississippi queen. The 'tapping' is to give a beat to the song when no one is playing drums..the screen says tap and you are supposed to tap the microphone....

Then what happens when you give Gyeong some alcohol and karaoke...he let's his hair down and jams.

I hope you enjoyed.


IHateToast said...

YOU CAN'T HAVE THIS POST READ AT NIGHT! i have to go to bed. i had no warning.

aw man. tomorrow is youtube time!

nice shots. ally... boy, tee are aye em pee!

that looked like a lot of fun. i'm glad you're going to shame them. i just can't wait to view the vids. niiiice.

gyeong said...

Nothing like embarrassing drunk videos to make me go into rehab :) Best rendition of 'Mississippi Queen' I've ever seen. Good thing the hounds can sleep through all that racket.

Heather said...

18 people and 14 greyhounds (give or take). Now that's what I call a party!

Priceless Rock Band videos. You do know that they will be looking for payback!

Danielle said...

OMG! The videos were so funny! Nothing like a bunch of drunk...I mean festive...people singing and playing "instruments"! Wish I was there! Miss you guys!