Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend for the dogs

After a hard core night rocking away with friends on Friday night, we decided to enjoy the beautiful Saturday by going to the Stony Point Walk with all the dogs. It was a great turnout (over 17 dogs ..we lost count!) and it was great b/c 3 of my ex-fosters were there!
You can see me giving some lovin' to Apollo while we were waiting for everyone to show up
And Brady..getting some attention from Blue. He is doing so well with his new mommy!
And a shot of Jason and I walking the four kids..they had a good time even though Dante felt he definitely needed a coat. It wasn't that cold there...but tell him that
Then bright and early on Sunday we got a small haul from Florida. Just 3 dogs and since it was a Sunday, the bathhouse we typically use was closed until 11. So we decided we could knock three out in our tub! So Amanda and Brian brought them to our house. It was way early but here is Jason and Brian Alfano scrubbing away in our tub!

While the boys were scrubbing, Amanda and I were on nail/ear duty as well as having some fun outside. Sid surprised Amanda with a smooch on the steps!
Then he decided it was my turn while I was distracted with what was going on in my viewfinder..sneaky boy!After everyone had their bath, Brian decided to take his coffee outside to play with the pups.

Obviously, Sid felt he needed a caffeine jolt after the ride up from Florida as well.Sid went off to his foster home but he did have the cutest 'take me home' face!Alfalfa went to his forever home..he was crazy and kept us laughing all morning!And I kept Savvy Racer..her call name was Racer. I try not to change their call name (they don't always come up with one that is known depending on how quickly they were extracted from the track by Pam). But I just couldn't see myself calling her Racer. So Kristen and I came up with Lacey..close and easier to say!She is doing well and seems to be having a lot of fun!So after that..we were beat. So we watched football (my Cowboys choked!!!) and ate some wings off the grill. There are more pictures of the haul on the GPA blog. But if you haven't figured it out by now, I do that one the stories and pictures are similar!

I have a baby shower to attend this is for my sister who is due in March. Words can't describe my feelings toward this chore..but alas as the faithful sister I have to do it. I may take pictures so you too can revel in my pain. But yes..he (we know it is a boy) IS getting a greyhound bib and onesy from Aunt Trina (along with other things..but I couldn't resist doing it). ;-)


Heather said...

Good looking group. Do you guys get your dogs from Pam and Glen at JCKC?

Bethanie & Chris said...

Hey Trina,

Its Bethanie Constant (Baron's Mom). We have a new blog, check it out:

thebellagreyhound said...

Hounds and coffee...always a scarey combination! Mine just sleep more...

IHateToast said...

lacey looks bulked up. she could fill out a bikini top!

you always satisfy me with dog p()rn. so many dogs. sid. alfalfa. your own. sigh.

i miss fostering. you keep me feeling like i'm still doing it.