Friday, January 25, 2008

Snow (sorta) and DANA'S SEVEN!!

Well, today (1/25) is Dana's 7th birthday! So before getting into our 'snow' pictures, a quick look back!
This is Dana meeting her Daddy for the very first time (12/3/05)
Since then, Dana has grown quite fond of retired life! She is our quirky, rooing princess..but we love her!!!! Happy Birthday, Dana Roo Roo Moo Moo Pants!!!

Now..our 'snow'. As you have probably seen on Gyeong's blog..they got more snow than we did...which is odd since they are only 1 hour north of us. Richmond lies in this 'snow free' zone..of course when we DO actually get snow..everything shuts down and the Wal-mart is wiped clean of bread and milk (seriously..what DO you do with bread and milk alone?)
I have to admit...I failed at photography this day b/c I forgot to change my all my actions shots weren't worth posting. But I did salvage a few. This was Cali's first snow, we were watching Hemingway and fostering it was their first experience as well!
Hemi gets very excited by the fenced yard ..and takes every chance to run like crazy!

Lacey asks if this shot makes her butt look big?Vanilla oreo cookie...a la mode! Cali isn't quite sure what to make of it..but she knows she wants to play!

Cali stops for her glamour shot..And finds the wonderful act of eating snowflakes...

"Who wants to play?" (btw..yes..this is all we got ..but we take what we can)
Um...lady...we are cold...and tired...can we go in now? might be asking yourself..where is Dante? Why isn't he in any of these photographs? Unless of course, you are a loyal reader of my know EXACTLY where he was..
"Can you please shut the's drafty!"
.I hope there is more snow this year..but most likely not. It is just stupid cold and windy.
Happy Birthday, Dana!!!!


gyeong said...

Happy B-day Dana! You're AARP card is in the mail.

IHateToast said...

dear lacey, yes it does make your bum look big, but we like bootays on this blog.

is it just me or does cali look lost every time she's not on jason's lap? i think she's counting down. snow is nice, but where's the lap? manipulative vixen.

greytblackdog said...

Dante is a dog after my own heart! I live in the south for a reason. Happy Birthday Dana. Big Lucky 7!

Michelle & Mitch said...

Happy 7th B-Day Dana! =)

thebellagreyhound said...

Happy Birthday Dana! Big snorkel licks and kisses from Bella, Poncho, Gracie the Snorkel face, Banjo, Jackson, Iris the Pieface, Jackson, Otto, Otis and Delilah xxxx

Ps we are jealous as the the only thing that we get to catch on our toungues is flies...actually that is a pretty fun game!