Monday, February 4, 2008

Play date before the Big Game

First..a test! Where's Dante? We went to a Strange's Garden Center on Saturday for the Dog Days festival. I forgot my camera..luckily Amanda had hers..I hope she posts pictures soon! It was a lot of fun and quite large. We had a great greyhound turnout!
Then on Sunday, I had a very large play date in the back yard. Jason made chili and we had 17 dogs (and their owners) come to enjoy the wonderful spring-like day!!!! I don't think I can figure out who was in all the shots but making up the greyhound gang were (in no particular order): Stella, Jaime, Stanley, Cali, Stella, Lacey, Hemingway, Smokey, Ana, Blue, Brady, Ally and Dolly. Non greyhound representatives were Diego the whippet, Parker and Shiloh the black SPCA dogs and Dante the wonder weiner.

Somebody said bunny...

When the action stalled, Nerice stepped in to throw a stuffie!The brindles were being elitist..until Blue wrecked the party!And what's a party without Sammy Snacks!!!!
Brady is doing well in his new home and you will all be glad to know..his purple grapefruit of a sack is now a normal tube sock..all better!!! Lacey is still here but there is hope for a home soon!! The Super Bowl was a pretty good game..although I was surprised by the outcome and unimpressed with the commercials..good chili, wine and lots of dogs made it all worth it!!!
Cali had her annual check up today...she has a growth on her belly that they are concerned about. So she goes in tomorrow to get it taken off..;-( I will be a nervous nelly! Fingers and paws crossed!


Michelle & Mitch said...

Ridlon paws and fingers are crossed for Cali. We hope she is okay!

Wow! Sooo many greys, looks like a blast! Glad the Giants won, I can't stand the Pats. Poor Mitch.

Now we have to wait 7 months for more football. Oh bother.

gyeong said...

My kids are still pooped. What nice weather for a playdate, and we got good food and drink.

Hope Cali's lump turns out to be nothing. We were a little nervous when we had Stella's elbow lump removed and sent off for analysis.

IHateToast said...

1) all things crossable are crossed for cali. she's probably just faking it so jason can be all "let's play nursie" on her. tart.

2) couldn't find dante for the longest time. bothered me. saw the nose. thought he was behind the chair by the plant. should be a test for detectives.

3) monster points for the party. when brooke sees this she'll be jealous.

4) jason looks like an american tourist where the greyhounds beg for dollars.

greytblackdog said...

Make sure Cali gets a pretty pink band-aid. Fingers crossed for a "over reaction, I just have a deal with the liquor store down the street so I give questionable, scary diagnosis to obsessive owners three times a week," vet diagnosis.

Does Jason have all his fingers left? I'd count them if I were you.

Bethanie & Chris said...

We were there just after 4. We saw Lindley and her human mommy.