Sunday, February 10, 2008

Play date!

We had a greyhound play date at a local dog park today. The wind was insane (even saw a forest fire..) but the dogs had fun. I have more pictures (of dogs other than my own) on the GPA blog. And you will notice a specific greyhound that is missing...she is SOOOOO mad about the fact she can't do this...but her sutures come out this week and then she will be back in action. Dante also was missing...he doesn't play well with others AND he has a new addition to his wardrobe. This stops him from eating his poo (and others)...he loves it..can't you tell? (we call him Hannibal Lector now)
But on to photos of fun!

Brady's mom brought cookies...she was Lacey and Dana's favorite person!Lacey made a new friend..this little girl had her dog there (the little pit bull seen in all the photos on the other blog).Dana had a lot of fun!Dana and Shiloh pose for a 'wind in your hair' shot...they could be on the cover of Elle or something I think! Shiloh says "THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME!!"On Saturday we went to Stony Point for our walk around the mall. We had a great turnout b/c the weather was awesome! (Cali didn't go to this either...I am sooo in the doghouse!) And before you feel too sorry for Cali, she got to stay home with her daddy while he worked. Right now, he is in the floor with her and she is crying the blues to him (rooing up a storm)...she's fine. ;-) She will be back to racing around and going to the events in no time!

Next weekend is the Pet will be lots of fun! And we are also going to the Virginia Food and Wine will be an expo filled weekend!


gyeong said...

Another playdate? You're guys are so lucky. Good thing my guys can't read blogs.

greytblackdog said...

If Dante doesn't prefer the Silence of the Lambs reference, you can always go for something from the WWF. He could totally win a cage match.

I have to agree. I had to ask Seka and Roxy to leave the room before I could finish reading your post. They would be asking all week why they can't have play dates like that if I let them see it.

greytboy said...

I'm a greyhound freak spreading the news to fellow greyhound folk:
I've stumbled across the GREYtest gift for greyhound/coffee lovers!
This company–Green Tree Coffee and Tea– has coffee packaging that has pics of retired racing greyhounds. They donate a portion of their proceeds to their favorite greyhound adoption organization.
I just got an email from them; they're having a sale on their greyhound coffees for the month of Feb.
Here's the link to their newsletter:

If that doesn't work, their site is
click on coffee products–whole bean
then scoll dog till you see the greyhounds!
The coffee sale is 25% off all of the greyhound coffees. You just have to enter the code 25DGBRW at checkout.
Totally cool!

IHateToast said...

sutures or smoochers? we know why she's home. man, you are a trusting woman.

you know what keeps me from eating poop? it's nasty. maybe you should take dante to "dude, know what is nasty" school.