Thursday, February 7, 2008

update: Cali

Just a quick update. Cali made it through her surgery. They took a lot of skin just in case. They are doing a biopsy but I haven't gotten the results yet! She looks so pitiful! She has 5 sutures on her side and 6 on her belly. She doesn't like being told she can't run and hates wearing her coat all the time..but she will get over it! Thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes!!!!
ETA: The biopsy came back benign!


gyeong said...

Once that heals up, you can tell all your friends that they are war wounds from time at the track. Instant street cred!

Bethanie & Chris said...

We hope she gets better quickly.

IHateToast said...

oh the poor thing. look... full of boo boos. i'm sending good vibes your way.

i do have a suggestion. i hope you don't mind. i think that you should do the right thing and sleep on the couch. cali will heal better if you just let her snuggle up to jason. you? eh, you're okay. you get the couch.

greytblackdog said...

Here's hoping for a quick recovery, good reports and lots of wheelies in the yard as celebration. At least it's not in a place where she can get her mouth on it. Let's hope she doesn't convince anyone else to lick it for her :)