Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to life...Back to Reality...

Jamaica was wonderful...what else can I say? ;-) We arrived and they took the 'liberty' of upgrading our room. We had booked a beachfront walk out room..we ended up getting upgraded to a river suite beachfront room with a butler!! Denata and Darrion were our butlers for the week. They made all our reservations, reserved our chairs on the beach early in the morning complete with towels, mats and a cooler full of Red Stripe and Coke Light, got us to our snorkeling boat and met us upon return with fruity drinks on a platter. Seriously! ARe you kidding me?
So if I wasn't drinking Red Stripe on my reserved chaise on the beach staring at crystal blue water
I was laying on the chaise on my patio which happened to be a swim up pool right outside my room with a glass of champagne staring at the crystal blue water
And if I wasn't posing by the sunset
I was admiring it..
And the rest of the time..I was looking under the crystal clear water at all the colorful coral and fishes!!
Enjoy my photos at this website (click to view slideshow). There are lots of Jamaica photos (we went to Appleton Rum Estates!) and underwater photography (we snorkeled 6 times at 4 different reefs)
The kids survived our absence. Apparently Cali digressed throughout the week and became a depressed lump. When we got home..after the power came back on..she threw a mega tantrum to show us that we should know leave her again. She forgot the whole 'housetrained' concept, as well as the her food is in her bowl..my food is on a plate idea. And let's not forget the
"if I bounce around and grab at your hand incessently with my mouth..maybe you will pay attention to me and feed me wayyy too early" concept she picked up.
Tart. Dana missed me terribly and showed true gratitude at our return, Shiloh acts like she is going to the SPCA tomorrow forever, Sawyer picked up a few bad habits as well, and Dante wishes we would leave again!
We had a wonderful time...I wish we were back there!


greytblackdog said...

Awesome pics! If only the pups would realize that their welcome home behavior didn't really make them more endearing. Bless their hearts! I hope it doesn't take you too long to get everything back in order or else it may be a long time before you run off on vaca again without them :).

Michelle & Mitch said...

Welcome back to reality. Looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation!! :) I am sure there are stories from your trip. Maybe we will hear some on Saturday? =)

IHateToast said...

lost my previous comment. hope this isn't published twice:
i'm looking at those toes and thinking that if cali were human, she'd do the same.

makes me think that if you could get away with it, you'd nap across jason's lap and dangle your own painted "paws".

all this time i thought cali was your competition. no no. she's you!

Bethanie & Chris said...

We loved Jamaica - we went when Chris returned from overseas. It was a dream. We also did the butler thing. It was worth every penny. Being able to skippeople in line for everything and get drinks...and have fresh hibiscus on your bed....totally worth it! Glad you had a good time. See you Sat.