Monday, May 5, 2008

No problem, Mon!

I thought I would post before leaving for Jamaica. We have a new foster, his name is Sawyer and he was returned because people are stupid. ;-) He is a very sweet and handsome boy. He is one of those boys that just grabs your heart..if only we had more room and a bigger car!
The kids enjoyed some time outside this week too. I was so excited to have all 4 dogs lined up outside..but alas..there has to be one who spoils the moment..
But they had a good time running
We had our annual spring picnic this past weekend. I was glad to have it underway..we have been working our butts off lately to get this pulled off..but it was a greyt success! We had it at a volunteer's home who had 10 acres fenced with 2 smaller fenced areas within the larger fence. And the weather could NOT have been more perfect
Houndstown collars was there with some great martingales
And since Dana has 2 Houndstown collars..Cali had to get a new wardrobe too!Jason hangs with Sawyer and Flying Incubus who was with us overnight after the haul on Saturday. The all had a good time running in the free run area. The black dog in the foreground is Logan! The Clarke's came was great to see them and Logan!Dana, Cali and SawyerCali enjoys a head restand you didn't think this wouldn't happen, Did you???
It was a lot of fun..and we are all exhausted!!! But today is packing and getting ready for fun in the sun! You can see more pictures of the picnic at GPA's blog.
I will post photos when I return!


greytblackdog said...

Looks like all that hard work paid off and everyone had a great time at the picnic. We have our annual picnic in two weeks! Fun times.

Sawyer is a handsome boy. Much like Sawyer on Lost. Scruffy around the muzzle. Gotta love the scruff on a boy.

Have a Rum Runner for me!

gyeong said...

It's always nice when the weather cooperates after you put so much work into the planning. With a face like that, I don't think Sawyer will have any problems finding a home.

Michelle & Mitch said...

Looks like all our your hard work and planning paid off!! What a fun day for the hounds and humans. :)

Fancy collars are addicting! Maggie has 3 already and I look at them on the web every week picking out the ones I want to buy next. I think I need to go to rehab.

Sawyer is darling. Hope he finds his forever home soon. :) Have a blast in Jamaica!!!

Amanda said...

hey lady! i'm so happy that Logan and his family made it to the picnic! that is awesome! hope you have a great time in the land of the sun...don't forget suncreen BEFORE you put your shorts on! ;-) see you when you get back (that's a promise!!).

IHateToast said...





and you let that cali milk it! you are a brave woman.