Saturday, May 24, 2008

Small world

Today's blog starts with a story. I have told you all about my long time love of greyhounds and how Stella brought Jason to the dark side. But i have never told you about Cruiser..
Kristen and Gyeong started fostering. After Jason and I bought our house, they came down to help us with some things. They were fostering a brindle male named Cruiser so he came down with them. Now the house/fence had been the final stage to 'operation greyhound adoption' in our life, so we were starting to think about our new greyhound-to-be. We both fell hard for this boy. He was just the coolest dog! But alas, he was already spoken for by a family in Richmond. They were naming him Dash. We tried to convince Kristen to leave him with us..but it wasn't meant to be.
Here is Cruiser in our house almost 3 years ago..we hadn't been moved in long (notice the cardboard box in the background being used as a doormat). And Dante didn't have any gray!! (and ...does he resemble anyone familiar?)

Now fast forward three years, 2 greyhound adoptions and countless fosters.
We are fostering Sawyer. We both admit if we had the room..he is the perfect boy for us but isn't meant to be
I start working on an application who is interested in Sawyer, they have a grey from a now dissolved group in the city. After talking with him a bit, I find out..he is GREAT friends with Dash's owners! He adopts Sawyer and names him Leopold (his other grey is Kate). And of course, I shared this story with him and he sent me photos of Leo playing with Dash. It's a small world after all...Too cool! Good luck Sawyer!
This week, being a holiday weekend, meant we had 9 dogs all week. Sawyer was adopted out mid-week but that same day we got Lonnie, a 2 year old brindle female, so I could take her on a home visit this weekend. She got adopted about 1 hour ago! This is from the left Hemi, Lonnie, Bella, Dana, Cali, Harry, Rusty and Dante on the chaise (just missing shiloh)
Before Sawyer left, we had 10 for the day. So i took some photos in the yard.
Greyhounds are color-ists.
The fawns huddle for a quick meetingThe brindles camouflage themselves against the fence so they can eavesdrop on the fawns' meetingRusty and Bella relax in the sunshineObviously Sawyer's breath smells horrible!And after all the talk of Jason having another woman..I was able to have an affair of my own this week. Rusty was my snuggle boy. He is big, goofy and loving. He became quite fond of crawling (literally..he is a big boy) onto the chaise with me at night. And usually after a few hours, he would have crawled in to my lap so he was stretched on top of me..sound asleep.
He has been a good boy. He goes home tomorrow..
Happy Memorial day! Tomorrow we are taking the kids on a picnic with Kristen and Gyeong. We are going to Cooper Vineyard and Grayhaven winery. It should be a fun day!!


gyeong said...

You'll have your big goofy boy one of these days. I almost walked off with a big brindle boy destined for another group from a haul this weekend. Wonder if Cruiser-Dash would remember us.
We usually tend to have our babysitting high during the winter vacation season.
You get enough greys together, and they separate into their little cliques. Our house is all blacks and brindles right now.

Michelle & Mitch said...

Wow! What a small world. :) That is a really neat story! Thanks for sharing. =)
Rusty looks sooo sweet. Have fun tomorrow! We are heading out w/some friends to Oakencroft Winery. We will be just a little ways up the road from you guys. =)

Michelle & Mitch said...

Oops, I just realized you are heading to the winery today! Hope you are having a good time. We are heading out tomorrow. :) Happy Memorial Day.

IHateToast said...

that's great that you got photos of dash and sawyer. i had a student named dash after dashiell hammet.

did you discuss the issues of cliques with the kids? did the fawns or brindles listen?

nice red toes!

greytblackdog said...

You must be the best grey-sitter around! Or at least the most popular.

I love it how everything has a purpose. How you can touch something, still think about it (like Dash) and it comes back to you in little happy ways. I love that when it happens, and it usually does.

You are so right about separating by color. Seka is always the only black dog when we go somewhere, and she totally keeps to herself. I thought it was because she smelled funny, but when we go to a large gathering, she goes over and hangs out with the other black dogs and Roxy is chillin' with the brindles.

Lin said...

Trina, the story of Sawyer and Dash almost made me cry! I'm so glad I got to go with you to the mansion that was to be his forever home :)

pineland said...

fawns vs. brindles.... awesome