Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Traveling fools

I normally prefer to sit on my butt during three day weekends and watch movies. But my mom was having a family I felt obligated. ;-)
So we packed up and headed south.
Cali got the horse water bucket confused with her baby pool.
She didn't actually fit..but she tried
my mom had the extended family over for BBQ and baby watching..Which I find about as entertaining as Cali and Dana (the beds had to be 'hidden' so as not to clutter my mom's house..she does not see them as furniture like we do..AND no one is dog savvy in this bunch so we had to leash they had to lay on the carpet with leashes)But I entertained myself with my Dad's new toy..the one on the right is his hot rod that he just finished restoring ('53 Ford with a big block 580hp engine). The left is his 'new' endeavor ('48, I think, Ford coupe) that he just got to restore. The truck looked worse than this one when he stay tuned for the transformation. And since we were half way there..we continued our travels to Charlotte, NC to visit with Jason's family. The best part about this is the ball park..after 3 days of being leash walked or let out in a horse paddock with brambles..Cali and Dana felt the need for speed.
They started with a full on race around the edge Then..Dana was exhausted and Cali ran a few more lapsI love this one..And we drew quite a crowd..everyone that was playing ball came over to watch them can see some in the background of this oneShe would involve Shiloh when possibleEat my dust
Happy Dogs..
On the foster front..I had Chelsea who was returned for just a little while before her 'foster family' aka hopeful forever home came to pick her up. A sweet old girl with a windmill tail and speckles like Dana!And now I have Run The Table who is having some tummy we are the medical clinic to get him straightened out so he can 'hold it' while his foster family works. Jason's schedule makes it easier for things like that. I just got him about 5 minutes no time to photograph him. This is his 'off the truck photo'. More to come


greytblackdog said...

I do believe Cali might have been able to fit in the horse bucket if she had really tried. that is an adorable pic.

i totally agree with you. a long weekend is meant for movies, junk food, sleeping late, and ignoring housework. not traveling.

IHateToast said...

nice bucket. now you need to get one just a bit wider.

and chelsea's ears are perfect.

do i hear gyeong fretting about your action shots? mmmm?