Saturday, September 20, 2008

breaking the rules

It has been a lazy few weeks. We have a busy greyhound weekend coming up but for now we just let the dogs have some fun in the cooler and less humid days of September.
We had Run The Table (we called him Run..I know..stupid) for about 2 weeks. He was adopted to his forever home on friday. I really liked him. He was very bright and he loved to break the 'rules'.
Rule # 1 - No fosters on the couch
-"Am I a foster? But the couch is so comfy..sewiouswy lady" "what if I lay on a this ok?" Rule #2 - Cali always wins

-C: "You know you want it..come get it big boy"
R: "Can I have the stuffie, puleeze?"C: "You can't have it"

R: "but I wants it!"


C: "OOOHHH..."

R: "I gots me a stuffie..I gots me a stuffie"

R: "Stuffie, stuffie stuffie"

Cali eventually forgive him..and she and Dana enjoy some romping

We have Hemi and Bella for the weekend. Bella is SO cute. sneaky caffeine from somewhere..we just haven't found were his stash is at this time.

Bella gives me the poseAnd the seductive 'come hither' lookShe is also a roo-erThe two speckled-y dogs snuggleSo I got sent some inspirational posters that had me in stitches. I may pull them out from time to time..but I couldn't help but see similarities in this photo (it is eery..and I didn't stage it):And this posterSo for now I leave you with another inspiration poster..


IHateToast said...

do they not see these posters in their heads when they come up with great ideas for bouncy toys?


we have that plushy. it's funny that they love the log as much as the squirrels. that was a toy brought back from the u.s. on a trip 4 years ago. still a great toy.

greytblackdog said...

that poster is to die for. no really, you could make serious money with the right caption for that one. it's just too much. i love it. just love it.

it's like the mean girls poster.

gyeong said...

Those are some really good shots of the kids. I'm gonna have to keep the inspiraton posters in mind when taking pics now.