Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A new foster

Just to catch up..I have been MIA for a while. I mean..I have been busy touring. Being a rock star is hard work and takes up a lot of time. Dealing with back up singers, equipment, band mates' egos..it is stressful.I did take a breather and hung out with Nerice at University of Richmond's Spiders on the Vine event a few weekends ago.
Yes..Nerice DOES drink!!! I was amazed. ;-)
The music...was ...well let's just say it did get better after this one. But we were glad we had wine for this guy.
Cali's therapy dog vest and badge arrived! I am doing my first therapy session at the hospital where I work in 2 weeks! I am still dealing with all the red tape to do therapy at the main hospital downtown. I am lobbying to take my camera..we shall see.When I get bored...my checking account suffers as does Jason. It has been slow lately with greyhound activities, friend outings and other things..so I turned my attention to home upgrades/remodels. We have completely redone our dining room and rearranged our main room. PHotos of that to come b/c it isn't 100% done. But while we were moving furniture around in what seemed like 1 million different ways..all the dog beds got piled up. Dana was crying softly in a far corner..but Cali and Dante took advantage.
"there is a pea in my bed"This cracked me up b/c he had to leap straight up to get in the bed.GPA-Richmond got a haul of 8 dogs on Sunday (check out the blog for photos of the new arrivals!) But I finally had an opportunity to get a foster! Even though I am the foster coordinator for my group, I have been full of boarders all summer long and unable to assign myself a foster! But now i have KL Avery..he is really sweet and a BIG love bug!Such a cute boy..
The holidays are coming up and for the first time ever we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family. And yes..that would be the catalyst for the upgraded dining room.


alex said...

Let us know when you release your album, lol ;-) Greyt pictures! And I love the one of Dante- so cute! Glad I found your Blog.

greytblackdog said...

with your luck, your foster will be gone quickly, now that you finally have one.

I love the princess and the pea pics. My girls love it when i pile up the beds, but they don't like them moved to a different location. I guess the crown fits!

Amanda said...

no photos of the upgrades? so disappointed!! your foster boy is adorable...and cali certainly is a princess. ;-)