Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My first day at wurk

I wanted to blog about my day today. Mummy said it was OK and that everyone that reads this would like to hear from me becuz they know about me and call me a tart..which sounds like fart and I am not sure if they are they same thing.
Today I went to wurk with Mummy. She told me it was becuz i yurned it..I don't know what yurn means but I know I like it. She promised I could go to wurk with her that day I went and took my test..i passed really good so now I get what i yurned.
I knew something was up when she put me in that little white room where water falls from the ceiling. I don't like that room at all..and it usually means I smell like flowers afterward. When I get out of that room, I just feel like running and tearing things to shreds. Then I try to rub the water off as hard as I can on everything I can find..mummy and daddy don't like when I do that on the bed. Then this morning I got to leave with her..usually she leaves me behind every morning but this morning WE got to leave everyone else behind..C-YA! She said it was a hospital..I don't like hospitals. THEN she said there were lots of VETS there!! VETS?? But once I got there..no one tried to shove anything in my butt or stick me with sharp objects so they weren't like any vet I had ever met.
Mummy takes a photo (she wanted me to tell everyone it was with her cell phone) that morning in the front of the hospital at the statue for dogs.See my pretty vest..I don't know what it says but again..yurned it! Mummy said only 7 out of 19 yurned the vest that weekend..so I guess I am specialer than I thought I was!
Then we go inside..mummy works in a lab so I couldn't touch anything. And I was only in 'safe' labs Then we went and saw all sorts of people. At first they were all people that work with Mummy..she was showing my bad self off! Oh yeah. They were all very nice and thought was purty..damn skippy, I say! Then she said it was time for wurk..so off we went. Did I mention that for some reason I always have to go in that magic box? You know.the box you walk in...turn around..the doors close..then your tummy feels all funny..the doors open and poof..you are somewhere new! I don't particularly like that box..and we used it a lot. The first time I got in the magic box was the day I yurned my vest..but today I had to get in one a lot! I like it better when there aren't a lot of other people on there..but it isn't my favorite part of wurk.
So back in the magic box and then out in to the a bustling world of people on wheels, lots of people walking around..stopping to pet me..large crowds. It was GREAT! Everyone kept telling me how beautiful I was and wondering what I was (seriously..isn't it obvious..I'm perfect!). Then we go in this room and all these people are there to see me..just ME! Mummy kept saying it was the men-tal health unit..again..not sure what that means but everyone was super nice! I don't mind strangers touching me..they rubbed and loved on me. One man was very sick and couldn't move..I felt bad and stayed near him a long time. When they put his hand on me..his face lit up and he started kneading my head. I could feel he really liked me being there even though he couldn't say anything. And they all said I made him very happy. Everyone else had big smiles when they saw me. It was different from the usual events I go too..this one seemed more specialer for some reason. I kept moving from person to person..mummy just followed so I knew I was safe. But I was the center of attention. It was really great. After 1 hour of that..I was SOOOOO tired. Mummy said we could go home. We went back to say good bye to her friends but I fell asleep on the floor. I couldn't hold my eyes open any more. This wurk stuff is hard wurk! But before we left a co-worker took a photo of mummy and me after my 1st day of wurk..she was so proud of me and gave me cookies. I think I get to do this every few weeks! I will like it..maybe I will blog about it again. Tata for now..continue admiring my gorgeous self..I never grow tired of hearing it and if you have anything bad to say about me..talk to my DADDY! Now I really must continue my nap.


Michelle and Mitch said...

Congrat's Cali on your first day of wurk! :)
Maggie, Booyah and Cueball

alex said...

Congratulations Cali and Trina!!
I'm sure it makes all the wurk (and the bath and majic box rides ;-) wurth while!

Scott said...


Yay Cali! Good job girl!

I usually fall asleep after my hard day at wurk too; don't feel bad! Only I don't get cookies afterwards :(

gyeong said...

I want your job! Only have to work every few weeks, people tell you how pretty you are, then you get cookies. That's the life.

greytblackdog said...

good girl cali. it's hard work being the center of attention and getting all that love. be sure your mom takes you for an ice cream after your long day at work :)

Bethanie and Chris said...

Cali, thanks for going to the VA .... as a VET and proud greyhound parent, I could not think of a better way to have my day brightened.
Parent of Baron, Maggie and Kix