Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter arrives

So as I alluded in that last post, winter means a slower pace and occasional boredom. So the past few weekends we rearranged things. We are planning on moving in the next year (bigger, garage..same area) so these are just adjustments. ;-)
Shiloh, Dante, Cali, Dana and Avery show off the newly redesigned den. We finally have greyhound artwork on the walls..it was only a matter of time.
The dining room was the most dramatic. We had Jason's bachelor pad dining room table, a TV table holding the liquor and it served as our garage most of the time. it will still be a garage (after the holidays) but for now it is a little more 'pretty' with a new table, liquor shelf and wall hangings. We have a wine fridge coming to replace the mismatched wine rack.
We still have Avery..he is such a good boy. He is getting adopted after Thanksgiving, so he is around for a while. He is actually a pretty tall boy..but he can pretzel with the best of themWhen the pretzel un-curls
Avery models the new chaise location with Shiloh Since we are hosting 8 people for Thanksgiving for the first time this year, Jason has started 'practicing' certain things. I drew the line at using me for a guinea pig on the dessert b/c my ever expanding arse is ever expanding enough without the help of an entire cheesecake. So he made his bourbon pumpkin cheesecake with bourbon sour cream topping for the monthly GPA Board meeting that was being held at my house this month. The meetings are always living so why not get us all on a sugar high!
So..a preface. I was taking the 'artistic' shot of the cheesecake..and being an overall photo dork.
When I caught a sight out of the corner of my eye. I didn't realize what my burst mode had captured. When I looked later..I couldn't stop laughing out loud.
Needless to say Avery is still learning on the whole counter surfing thing. I WAS able to stop this before he got a bite and really had NO idea I had captured this shot until a few days later. Gotta love the SLR burst mode.
And I will leave with a shot of Nerice cuddling with Ally. Ally had a bad diagnosis (the bad O) a few weeks ago. so we are cherishing all moments with the sweet cow dog. I will have more photos of her soon.


greytblackdog said...

talk about timing. i love that you captured those inquisitive teeth - even if it was an accident. even better that everyone ate it ;)

Terri said...

that's a FAB photo opp! The big nose and teeth looming ...

Sorry about the bad diagnosis - it's a horrible thing. :-(

gyeong said...

I like the new rearranged look. Great shot! You can hardly blame the fella. It's bourbon pumpkin cheescake.

Sorry to hear about Ally. Hopefully I will get to see her again next time we are down your way.

Jabberwocky said...

Oh man, that's hilarious! It's like finding the smoking gun on a security tape!

Michelle and Mitch said...

So sorry to hear about Ally, we will keep her in our thoughts.