Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chilly and Cali's 2nd day of work

Now that I have gotten my blog back from the hijacker..we can talk about something besides least for a moment.
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, but this year we actually stayed at home and didn't travel! The first time ever. And since this was Jason's first Thanksgiving in which he got to cook the meal by himself..we went all out! No turkey..our guests enjoyed 10lbs of prime rib..vegetarians..look away!
And know when you go to a local festival and there is a band playing that consists of a bunch of old guys in hawaiian shirts trying to sing Abba and the Beach Boys? Well..we had a moment like that after Thanksgiving dinner and a few bottles of wine. On the mic is Bruce (Hemi and Bella's dad) singing Spirit in the Sky with my mom and Jason on guitar and Kristen on drums. I wish I had figured out my cell phone takes videos before this was great.
And now we have Chilly for a few weeks. He is a funny boy who reminds me of Stanley. He seems to be in love with Dana..Cali says it is because he likes the 'big chicks'..I told her that was rude. ;-)
Chilly is on his back more than anything else.and I couldn't resist taking these photos the other day. Jason apparently gives the dogs lots of treats during the day. He can't go in to the kitchen without Dana running in rooing her head off. Her tail is too fast to be photographed! And Cali had her SECOND day of this week. We went to the nursing home/hospice of the VA hospital this time. We visited people in their rooms for about 1 1/2 hours. She did so well. I really think this is her 'calling'. She just walks right in to the room and right up to the people. She is learning to walk up to beds when the people can't lean over. She has the wheelchairs down pat, but still confused when the person doesn't gesture for her to come over. But she really seems to enjoy it ..even the rough petting and jerky motions. We are going back in two weeks for another visit. I am hoping to visit all the units and then pick which two she does best at and do those each month.
I probably will never have photos of her in action b/c I have to get a release form from any patients I photograph. I am goign to try it soon...but didn't want too the first few times. Here she is arriving at the VA hospital (this time I went home at lunch and brought her back)..ready to go!And this is her on the way home..POOPED!Maybe I will let her blog about her next session.
Happy Holidays!


Stowe and Maria said...

Love your blog. That's a lot of hounds! I thought our house was a little crazy, but we have never had more then seven hounds in the house at one time. Great job!

Stephen said...

Holy mountain of meat. That looks delicious!

Scott said...


The meat looks great Jason!

Good job Cali, you'll have to teach Beau and Belle a few manners.

greytblackdog said...

wish i was at your house for turkey day - i hate turkey but made a 15 pounder anyway.

it took seka a while to figure out what to do when people didn't call her either, but i started telling her "say hello" and she got the hang of it.

alex said...

I want to come to your house for Thanksgiving too!! The guys in my family don't cook :-(
Plus dinner AND a show? What more could a person want?

gyeong said...

That prime rib was yummy! Chilly does look like Stanley. I'll see if I can find some Staney roaching shots. I think Stanley wants to be a wurking dog like Cali. Cali will have to give him pointers next time we're down.

Bethanie and Chris said...

MMMMMMMM ...... prime rib.

I don't eat red meat that often, and that looks totally yummy.

IHateToast said...

hey, it's time for the repeat of NYE's guitar hero video, right? was it that long ago?

how fast is dana wagging, it's hummingbird tail.