Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday travels every year we did our whirlwind holiday traveling. For 4 days we were in Roanoke, VA to visit my family and then 3 days in Charlotte, NC to visit Jason's family. It was 7 days of NO fenced yard, small children, eating food completely void of nutritive value and living out of a suitcase. Merry Christmas!! ;-)
I got to see Boone who is now 10 months old and well on his way to being a linebacker.
Aunt Trina and Uncle Jason gave him his gift early since he doesn't actually know what day it is yet. He was very good at opening presents." have got a BIG NUGGET!!"
Besides baby watching, we did other play Wii,Watch squirrels..Cali was NOT happy with the leash walking thingLay by the wood stove (Dante's FAVORITE spot)
and just lay around.
Here is the best family photo I could get with 4 dogs, 2 people and my mom taking the photo

Christmas favorite time! I got a new lens for my camera..I love it and it makes a world of difference. Jason got a wine fridge. And we got some other things.
We start with breakfastI call this the.."Lady..if you don't stop sticking that camera in my face I am going to throw up all over you" photoGrandpa helps Boone open his first John Deere tractorCan you hear the banjos??Truflz doesn't understand why all his new toys have to go up on a table (even though we repeatedly told him it was b/c all his cousins were over to play and they would eat his toys)

My sister's new horse, Roo, in his shiny new leather halterAnd then..we move on to the next location (did I forget to warn you this would be a long post). Jason's neice and nephew were with their mother for Christmas day so when they came back to their dad's house we got to see them open all their presents..i.e. Jason got to play with trucks that make noise and Transformer toys.Cali liked the noisy trucks too. Those of you easily frightened..look away now.
When good dogs go bad..Now after 5 days of commotion, traveling, etc..our dogs were DONE with Christmas.And for those of you who have never met Dana..yes..she is actually asleep. She reminds me of a grandma who falls asleep sitting up in a chair.After all the mess was cleaned up.. (no dogs allowed on furniture at the in-laws house.. so Dante always had to share)And if you are wondering where Shiloh is during all this..(read: Miserable)
But not to disappoint..we did go to the ball field while in Charlotte..they weren't as active as usual but here are a few shots.

I just went out and bought a tripod for my camera too..haha!
I hope everyone had a great holiday! My New Year's is not going to be as interesting as Last year....but I feel sure 2009 will bring some great memories!


Michelle and Mitch said...

Looks like you had a nice Holiday. =) Love the shot of Dana sleeping. That is too funny.

gyeong said...

I'm tired just reading all the stuff you did. I just laid around with 9 dogs for the last week :) Looking forward to great pics with your new lens!

Scott said...

Great pictures!

I love the one of Dana sleeping with her head up. Belle does this too!

Beau has also adopted the paw on the ear sleeping pattern that I think I saw Stella doing when Gyeong was down.

greytblackdog said...

how you guys survive that trip every year i will never know. it makes me tired just thinking about it. the pups must think you guys will never go home!

that pic of dana is perfect. she is just like grandma (or me) falling asleep in her chair. LOL.

IHateToast said...

boone has that "whachoo talkin' 'bout, willis?!" look down.

did i see cali on a sofa? ooooh, and here i was feeling sorry because her grandparents wouldn't let her get on the sofa. sneaky mccheeky!