Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pet Expo

We went to the annual Pet Expo this past weekend. I always enjoy this event b/c it is a great way to people and pet watch! There are hundreds of people and their dogs that travel through the indoor location to see lots of vendors, rescue/adoption groups, and informational booths. GPA usually has a booth with merchandise and it tends to be a great fund raiser and awareness raiser for us and this year did not disappoint. For more photos from the event, check out GPA's blog.
Before we left, Dana had to be 'de-fuzzed'. Dana did not get the 'greyhounds don't shed' memo.
Check out the fuzzy buttAnd in this one..gaze around her and you will see white hair floating through the air, on the deck and chairs..But once she is done..she glows white so it is worth the hair in the teeth.
At the event, we find Smokey who dresse up for the occasion...he is such a pretty princess!
While at the expo, we saw other animals who were much more active and motivated than ours! Cali and Dana were exhausted after 20 minutes of standing! (forgive the image quality..action shots indoors isn't easy)

Meanwhile..this is what our kids were doing. Dana enjoyed the people who came to her and Cali..well she was oogling in the background. They so need to get a roomThanks to everyone's well wishes for my new job. It is an adventure! But for now, this week contains all sorts of wonderful things. It contains the best day of the year..for me at least, my favorite Richmond festival, AND my good friend from out of town's visit! It's a trifecta of goodness! And it is my last week in my current'll be a birthday week to remember.


IHateToast said...

jason is shameless. it's brangelina played out in the greyhound community. well, i'm on Team Trina!

gyeong said...

Stella says she doesn't see anything wrong with that!

greytblackdog said...

I love that you are de-shedding Dana with a horse shed blade. They work like a charm don't they?

That first pic of the action dog I thought was an owl. I wondered how that man walked around with an owl on his back and the dogs didn't want to eat it. Then I realized that it was a crazy, jumpy, trick dog. And I realized that's what made the greys sleep after 20 min. No one likes a show off.

GPA - Richmond said...

Aww, look at my Dana Roo getting ready to go out. She is the fuzziest dog there ever was! :-) Thanks for being the expo photographer! I really wasn't sure how Doodles would do and didn't even want to chance it with the camera.

Happy Birthday and enjoy your fun filled week! :-)

Nerice Lochansky said...

Oops! the comment above was me! I updated the GPA calendar and didn't ever sign out!

Life With Dogs said...

A pile of good news since my last visit - huge congrats on the job. Enjoy the celebration!