Saturday, February 7, 2009

Attack of the killer toys

It was an amazing weekend..everyone was out playing and enjoying the beautiful and rare warm January day. But to our surprise..the toys started to fight back!
first..the pink 'pig ball' came in for attack but luckily Cali was there to save us all
Cali: "I'm a comin' "
Cali: "I will get it!"
C: "He is faster than I expected"C: "I saved your life!"
With Dana as back up..the pink 'pig ball' is beaten in to submission.C: " owe me your life! Bow to me!"
"What do you mean there is another one? Blue ball is attacking now??
"Blue ball? Is it dangerous? Should we hide?""Have no fear..Wonder Wiener is here!!!!! I'll save my ladies!"
*in Dante's head* "You're my hero..Thank you for saving us!"


BrittBeah said...

"Wonder Wiener"! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

alex said...

LOl- thanks for the giggles. It was a beautiful day, wasn't it?
We spent most of the day outside too, but nothing as exciting as attacking "pig balls" ever happens in Warrenton. :-)

IHateToast said...

so what does wonder wiener wear? tights? go-go boots? a cape? and is there an alter-ego?

don't know which is more fun to say, "pig ball" or "wonder wiener".

gyeong said...

It's a good thing greys and dachshunds are such good guard dogs, or you might be in danger of a coup from the yard stuffies.

Ridlon Tails said...

Awesome pics! Glad you guys enjoyed the wonderful weather this weekend. I am not letting our kids see this blog entry though, they have never attacked pig balls or had a wonder wiener come to their rescue. They would be green with envy! LOL! Have a greyt week. =)

greytblackdog said...

You said Wonder wiener! LOL.

No, really guys. What do you feed your children to make them run and play with each other like that. My dogs refuse to play with each other. No chasing. No stuffy killing. No pig ball attacking. My dogs must have had a frontal lobotomy before being adopted instead of a spay. LOL! Or maybe it's the water in VA.

Scott said...

Ahh yes, lovely weekend. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it.

P.S. It's February, not January ;)

Life With Dogs said...

I think Wonder Wiener was a little outclassed.