Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little wine with your pizza

So..as many have seen documented on Gyeong's and Nerice's blogs..we had a Wine Tasting and Pizza Party. The Parks and the Stumpfs teamed up once again to throw one helluva party. We had Bella Vino come and bring 6 great wines and perform the tasting part..then everyone brought their favorite toppings for the pizza making part. From the photos on the other blogs..you can tell a good time was had by all. All in all we had about 30 people attend, we went through about 16 bottles of wine and I think 3-4 cases of beer...not to mention the countless Irish Car Bombs. Needless to say..I had a better morning than Jason. ;-)
Here is the table..pre-party
Nerice made cookies in honor of the Super Bowl being played the following day..this was a Pre-Super Bowl party.As as seen on the other blogs, Rock Band was a large part of the evening. Everyone seemed to take a turn playing an instrument or another. Lin is our rocker chick..in the '80s she was a singer for a rock band in LA. So we tease her a bit about it but ultimately made her rock out.
Nerice and Dabney play bandmates
I didn't take as many photos as Nerice..so check out their blogs to get a better idea of the night. The wine was great, the pizza was awesome and the company was out of this world. Thanks to all who attended!
On the greyhound front we had Hugo for a week..he is a goober and loves to sleep upside down
Festivals and greyhounds events are ramping up now that hopefully spring is on its way..Phil says 6 more weeks of winter..but since he is only right 39% of the time..I doubt his claim. And on a sadder note..We will miss you Ihatetoast...see you in the comment section.


greytblackdog said...

You guys are my kind of group! There are more wine tastings there than anywhere else in the world - including napa! do your greys prefer red or white? :) Seka is a red girl. Roxy likes beer.

gyeong said...

Greyhounds, wine, Irish Car Bombs, good food, great company... I see a trend here :) Till next time!

IHateToast said...

hugo. hugo hugo hugo...

i can't help it, but i just can't not look at his little pile of man fluff.

boys. boys of all species love to show off their bits.

and i have until october (when the next billing cycle is) to figure out my plan. i miss it already, but i need a plan. give me a plan, man.